6 Great Christmas Holiday E-Books for Kids

No holiday speaks to children with as much clamor and resonance as Christmas, with its tradition of candy canes, lighted trees, and Old Saint Nicolas coming down the chimney. Of course most modern homes don’t have a chimney, but that doesn’t stop children from using their imagination and having loads of fun. Even for those who do not observe Christmas as their own religious holiday, the occasion is still usually a wonderful reason to celebrate with friends and family, and especially with kids. The joy of the season is also captured in magical and timeless ways in children’s literature. Just as Santa brings free toys, your handy e-reader can also deliver free or very inexpensive books right to the palm of your hand, where you can share them with children to bring more joy and excitement to them during the last days of 2016. Here are six great choices that kids will love to either have read to them or read for themselves.

  1. Twas The Night Before Christmas: Edited By Santa Claus for the Benefit of Children of the 21st Century

Everyone knows the classic long poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” and it is one of the most endearing of all. But some parents were concerned that Santa Claus puffing on a tobacco pipe was sending an unhealthy message to children. That’s why this version was published, as the first smoke-free edition of the story in almost 200 years. The idea was golden, and after it came out the book won a Gold Medal. In 2012 it received top honors as the recipient of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Best Holiday Book. It also won 1st place for the Global International Best Christian Children’s Book. The book is beautifully illustrated and is a lovely, health-conscious update that still preserves the beauty and inspiring poetry of the original version. You can find a convenient Kindle version on Amazon.com.

  1. Stealing Christmas

For those readers who like their Christmas stories a little sassier, “Stealing Christmas” steals the show. The book has been compared in its tone and attitude to the wildly popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The book is laugh out loud funny and although the story is more than 250 pages, the plot is fast-paced and very engaging for kids. It’s about a boy in the 7th grade who was really hoping to get a Playstation for Christmas. Then during a family gathering at Thanksgiving, he and some of his rambunctious cousins got into a crazy and very messy food fight that disrupted the feast. As a consequence, they were told that they would not get any presents for Christmas that year, which was terrible news for the youngster who had his heart set on a new Playstation. Then he stumbles upon a secret stash of presents, and that is where the plot gets thicker – and more hilarious.

  1. Where is Santa – Dónde está Papá

Author Sujatha Lalgudi has been writing and painting since her childhood, and she often leads classes for kids in schools and libraries to get them more excited about reading. She is known for her wonderful bilingual books, and in this book titled “Where is Santa” or “Dónde está Papá” she presents a lovely Christmas story that can also be highly educational by helping kids learn a foreign language. What better way is there to inspire young readers to read in their own native language while exploring beyond their own cultural horizons to find out how kids like them talk and write in another part of the world. Whether your child is speaks Spanish or English as a first language – or if they speak Spanish or English as a 2nd language – this is a great book on so many important levels.

  1. Navidad Libro. 50 Christmas Words (Navidad): Spanish English Picture Dictionary

While kids are in the holiday spirit, why not introduce them to a sweet bilingual book (English-Spanish) for children that includes 50 new Christmas words. This is another wonderful book by author and talented illustrator Sujatha Lalgudi, and is geared toward very young children who are just starting to learn how to read and also get very excited about colorful picture books.

  1. Learn Spanish! A Christmas Carol

Christmas has never been captured with so much authentically inspiring feeling as it was in the classic by Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” which is arguably the 2nd most popular Christmas story of all time – only outranked by the actual story of Christmas in the manger that is described in the Bible. Here is the same book that brought Dickens such worldwide and enduring acclaim, except that it is presented in both English – since Charles Dickens was an Englishman – and Spanish. The Spanish translation by Don Luis Barthe is exquisite, and it brings the tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge to life in that special, colorful, dramatic way that only Spanish can do.

  1. The Night the Llama Saved Christmas

The Night the Llama Saved Christmas offers a charmingly different take on the story of Santa and the reindeers. One Christmas Eve Santa’s reindeers caught colds in the frigid North Pole. With help from Blitzen, who organized a bunch of llamas to help out on short notice, Christmas still happened. The llamas stepped up to save the day – or save the sleigh. Then they took off and flew all the way around the world, distributing holiday cheers to children everywhere. The 57-page book by author David Wing is sure to bring joy to young readers everywhere, and it can be downloaded for free at Free-Ebooks.net

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