The 5 Most Important E-Reader Accessories

Tens of millions of lucky people just received a new e-reader device for the holidays. Maybe it was a gift from mom and dad, from a spouse, from Santa Claus, or from a friend or colleague. If you’ve never owned one before, you may not be sure which accessories you need to accompany it, enhance its usefulness, and protect it from damage. Even if you have had e-readers before, you’ll still need a few items to use with it, if those weren’t included in your recent gift or purchase of an e-reader. Let’s look at five of the most essential e-reader accessories. These are add-ons that will enhance your e-reader experience and ensure that the device has great longevity.

#1 Charging Cords and Adapters

If you’ve ever gone on a trip and then discovered that you left the charging cord to a phone, laptop, or other device at home, you know how frustrating that can be. The same thing happens if you go overseas and realize you don’t have the right electrical adapter. Here’s a tip you can use. If you’re staying in a hotel, ask the housekeeping staff if they have an extra cord or adapter that fits your gadget. Oftentimes they do, because other hotel guests forgot and left one behind. Meanwhile, always buy an extra set. That way you’ll never be without one. You won’t suffer the exasperating experience of reading a page-turner novel just when the plot thickens but your e-reader runs out of power.

#2 A Protective Cover

E-readers are built to last, but accidents do happen. Dust, dirt, and grime can creep into those little ports where you plug in accessories. Smudges can obscure the screen. A drop or bump can crack the glass or scramble the computer circuitry. Water and electronics don’t mix, either, and other liquids like sodas can wreak havoc. Many an e-reader has had its life shortened when dropped into the bathtub or smashed while tumbling down the stairs by someone running to catch a subway train. The good news is that most of the common hazards can be easily and stylishly eliminated if you just protect your e-reader with an attractive and reliable protective cover. Most of them are inexpensive, and it’s easy to find one specially designed to fit your particular gadget – in an array of different colors and materials.

#3 Back Up Power

Even if you have charge cords and adapters, they may be not use to you in certain situations – and you’ll still be unable to charge the batteries on your e-reader. Under what kinds of circumstances? Perhaps the most common is when you are outdoors. But it can also happen whenever you travel on an airplane, a bus, or in any vehicle that doesn’t have a compatible charging port. You might be ready to take a long flight, and just when you board the battery on your e-reader dies. You’re stuck for the duration of the flight. The solution is easy, though. Just purchase a portable battery pack, like the ones make by companies like Trond or Anker. Make sure that the backup battery pack is fully charged before you leave, and that you have the right adapter – if needed – to plug your e-reader into it. Then you’ll have enough emergency power to keep your e-reader going strong until you reach a place where you can plug it in for a full recharge.

#4 Cleaning Items

Cleaning e-readers with ordinary cleaning products like those used to wash windows may not be ideal. The screens are especially intricate on modern e-readers, and they can get damaged by harsh chemicals. Or they can wind up with a conspicuous film on them left behind by inferior cleaning products not intended for computer screens. It’s a good idea to invest in some recommender cleaning solution and the right kind of cloth to use on your e-reader’s glass. That will ensure that the viewing is crystal clear and you don’t inadvertently damage anything. A clean microfiber cloth is a good choice because it won’t leave lint behind or scratch the surface. A quality alcohol-free eyeglass lens cleaner or a product like Photo America or Monster ScreenClean solution works fine. Instead of spritzing it directly onto the screen, however, spray it onto the cloth. Then apply the cloth to the glass screen.

#5 Audio Headphones

Last but not least, if you are fond of reading audio books you’ll want to have a good set of headphones or at least some handy ear buds. That will enable you to listen wherever you are, without disturbing anyone around you. Even in a noisy subway train or crowded bar, if you have an earpiece or headphones your ability to listen to an audiobook won’t be compromised. You can escape into your own literary world, no problem.

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