Best Books: Science & Academic

1 The Emotionally Intelligent Relationship - How to Connect on a Deeper Level

The Emotionally Intelligent Relationship - How to Connect on a Deeper Level

Zack K. | Psychology


"The Emotionally Intelligent Relationship" is a book that explores the importance of emotional intelligence in building deeper connections in our relationships. Through the use of vulnerability, readers will learn how to exercise their emotional intelligence and connect on a deeper level with their partners, friends, and family. The book delves...

2 Good Christian Philosophy To Live By

Good Christian Philosophy To Live By

Adam J. Capps | Philosophy


This is a book of good Christian teachings. It presents a good lifestyle for a Christian to take up. It provides a deep look into Christianity for anyone wanting to know it better. These are the things that the Bible would have us know and follow. These are things we should do and should not do. This book elaborates on living a holy and righteous...

3 Cosmic Chronicles: Unveiling the Wonders of Space

Cosmic Chronicles: Unveiling the Wonders of Space

Shalna Omaye | Science


Embark on a cosmic journey as we delve into the mysteries of the universe and the frontiers of space. From the Big Bang and black holes to exoplanets and the search for extraterrestrial life, explore the latest scientific theories and discoveries. Each chapter concludes with stimulating debate questions, inviting you to ponder the profound...

4 Rainbow Rock

Rainbow Rock

Fractalosopher | Philosophy


Rainbow Rock is virtues and values for a state of total wellness. Virtues and values are listed in general order of complexity or achievement. The most basic concepts begin as elements that build to a complete foundation of philosophy.

5 Rediscovering Transcendence

Rediscovering Transcendence

Martin Euser | Philosophy


Goals of this book: - Understanding the crisis of civilization: lack of vision, materialistic values, the long descent downwards- Regaining purpose of life: the position of the human being in the world - Finding meaning in a fragmented world - Developing a solid understanding of life - Forming a sound vision of one's role in society- Developing a...

6 Valid Views of God?

Valid Views of God?

L.M. Leteane | Philosophy


How many of the millions of published books on “God” roundly satisfy—put on solid footing—both the atheist and the believer in God? Is a "solid footing” even possible?The baseline concepts herein form the solid basis or framework for all future deliberations on “God”. It’s a big step if everyone is left with no wriggle room at all...

7 You Are Not Crazy for Thinking UFOs Are Aliens

You Are Not Crazy for Thinking UFOs Are Aliens

John Erik Ege | Psychology


A collection of essays discussing the subject of UFOs, non-human intelligence, consciousness, and society. It's written in an approachable, conversational style and pulls no punches. The author is a LPC-S in the sate of Texas, diagnoses people for a living, and is reasonably knowledgeable about the difference between mental health concerns and...

8 A Guide To Deception Sample

A Guide To Deception Sample

Spencer Coffman | Psychology


Learn the language everyone speaks but no one understands…Body language.Spencer Coffman, a certified expert in micro-expressions and well-versed in human behavior, will give you a great understanding of the little hidden signs displayed by every person on earth. These unconscious behaviors are exactly that, unconscious. Because of this, they...

9 The Mind This Enigma

The Mind This Enigma

Dr Martinho Correia | Philosophy


The subject is the mind, this functional entity or should we say this fascinating concept. How to define it? Is it limited to our body? What is its nature? Does it survive us? In what does the spirit differ from the soul? Is man the only thinking being? If the consciousness perception is an intrinsic brain property, the consciousness, the...

10 Star dust, we are all connected.

Star dust, we are all connected.

Dr Martinho Correia | Philosophy


In “The Mind This Enigma”, we support the existence of a quantum component in the brain, interacting with the memory, the consciousness and the unconsciousness partially relocated. But what could be the ultimate nature of the mind? In order to better understand its structure, we will study here the emergence of the consciousness and the...