Best Books: Romance

1 Bad Boy Billionaire Daddy

Bad Boy Billionaire Daddy

Everleigh Green | Romance


My smokin’ hot, older ex-boss needs a fake wife to appease his dying grandmother.And he has his sights set on me.If I had a penny for every time that happened to me. I’d have… zero. I know deep down I’ll regret it, but he’s desperate and I need the cash. He’s number one on my enemies list but number one on the...

2 Our Marriage of Convenience: Volume One

Our Marriage of Convenience: Volume One

L. L. Lako | Romance


Misbah and Reana have been best friends for years. While successful in their careers, they have been unlucky in love. When both of their relationships fail yet again, they come up with a plan: adopt and raise a child together till they each meet the right one. Neither expected anything to go wrong with this plan.

3 Gladly Serve God In Sunshine or Storms

Gladly Serve God In Sunshine or Storms

Linda L. Linn | Romance


Who might be the next to fall in love in Pine City and find a loving spouse so they can be married and serve God together in unity? Maybe somebody we haven’t met, because the ones we already know aren’t ready to start thinking in that direction yet, but give them time. As you read this third novel in the Sunshine Series, be looking for...

4 If Diamonds Could Talk

If Diamonds Could Talk

Stephanie Van Orman | Romance


In the sequel to 'His Sixteenth Face', Beth Coldwell has a lot to learn about being in a relationship with a man like Christian. The first thing is how to pull a steel ring through her ankle without losing a drop of blood. Then, she needs to learn how to spill everyone else's.

5 The Magic Palace

The Magic Palace

Chrys Romeo | Romance


A romantic story about a princess and a blacksmith, in a magic Palace of an oriental country, far away. Time and space will be caught in a whirlpool of events, until the borders of reality move and change forever.

6 Sleeping Prince

Sleeping Prince

Stephanie Van Orman | Romance


Welcome to the world of Sleeping Beauty Inc. You may have already read a Sleeping Beauty Inc. adventure if you've read 'Rose Red' by Stephanie Van Orman. 'Sleeping Prince' is an independent story in the Sleeping Beauty Inc. world. Set in the deep future, Gage is a pilot transporting models for hire between the Jovian moons. The girls are sold...

7 Jesus of Detroit

Jesus of Detroit

Maysam Yabandeh | Romance


A modern retelling of the timeless and inspirational story of Jesus Christ.

8 Tell Me, Baby, Do You Love Me?

Tell Me, Baby, Do You Love Me?

Steven Bowman | Romance


"Tell Me, Baby, Do You Love Me?" is a heartwarming book that follows the journey of Christina Miller, a young woman who finds love in an unexpected place. After meeting the charming and handsome Jeff, Christina is swept off her feet, but soon realizes that he comes with a unique challenge - his daughter, Jane. Despite the hurdles, Christina falls...

9 Tiny Wishes

Tiny Wishes

Stephanie Van Orman | Romance


Wyn did not want to live with Raif. The only way to keep him away from her is to make him do an unreasonable task every time he wants to speak to her. Will she change her mind about him if he grants all her tiny wishes?

10 Born in January

Born in January

Stephanie Van Orman | Romance


Annaliese and Trip are best friends. They were best friends through high school and went to university together. Except, they have a secret that they've never told anyone... until they tell everyone.