Spring Reading List

April 6, 2018

Who's ready for long and sunny days that come with the arrival of spring? There is nothing more relaxing than spending your free time curled up on a picnic blanket in the park or at the beach lost in a good book.

Check out these must-read books to celebrate the official end of winter.

"Spring has  returned.  The Earth is like a child that knows poems".  —Rainer Maria Rilke

1 Escape from Samsara

Escape from Samsara

Amy Williams | Drama


This is the story of a 23-year old young woman who remembered her death and rebirth experience. Discovering the truth, she joins a cult only to find fraud, prostitution, murder and bigamy. She escapes the cult only to find drugs and sociopaths. The drama is filled with comedy and fun adventures for any reader. The ending is uplifting and inspiring. Enjoy!

2 Second is Best

Second is Best

Aileen Friedman | Romance


From the coastal towns of Warner Beach in Natal to Gordons Bay in the Western Cape during the seventies Kaye Reid travels hoping to eventually find forgiveness and a new life. She leaves behind a roller coaster life of happiness and disappointment from her High school boyfriend, her parents and her marriage. Through new acquaintances Kaye finds God and realizes that she has to rely heavily on him to bring her through the difficult roads she must travel.

3 Milady Disdain

Milady Disdain

Marianne Malthouse | Romance


The necessity of leaving the only home she had ever known was daunting so soon after the death of her beloved mother, but the new life she was about to embark upon was to prove both exciting and challenging to Patience Kilpatrick. Daughter of a father who had abandoned his family to fight and die for Bonnie Prince Charlie at the Battle of Culloden, and grand-daughter of the Earl who had given his life in the earlier Stuart cause, she had lived a life far beneath her station, and was happy to become governess to the young son of Milady Costain. Her growing confidence in herself, and the twists and turns her life takes as she becomes embroiled in the fortunes of her contemporaries in the glittering world of London's aristocracy leads her into a future she could only have dreamed of.

4 Tale in Red

Tale in Red

Costas Stoforos | Youth


A fairytale created though facebook, inspired by Stepania Veldemiri’s drawings. Kostas Stoforos saw the first drawing of the girl sleeping, hugging her doll. He imagined a rain of peas and the tale… began.Text by text, story following another story, all led the princess without a name to meet the gloomy prince-painter. Their love will turn them to swallows but in the ending…A tale about Spring. Τhe first of a series: Yellow for Summer, Orange for Autumn, White for Winter

5 The Ascension Papers Book I

The Ascension Papers Book I

Zingdad | Body & Spirit


The Ascension Papers is your invitation to step into the power of your divine, limitless self! To move into right relationship with all that you truly are and therefore into right relationship with all of life. If you accept the invitation, then you'll be able to join in the co-creation of the most wondrous future reality imaginable... A whole new life in a whole new world in a grand, golden age!

6 Untrained Hearts

Untrained Hearts

DJ Vallone | Fiction


Just when bright new vistas of happiness and contentment should be opened before them like flowers in the April sun, Danny and Julie Predmore see their marriage crumble under the tremors of infidelity and the aftershocks of divorce. Though they only have themselves to blame, neither feels a sense of overwhelming loss. Passion had long since drained away from their twenty-year union. So, rather than grieve, they wrap themselves in their separate hopes and set off to find the keys to life, love and happiness that they lost over the years amid the crush of career and family priorities. Through examination of their lives and secrets, Untrained Hearts show the natural inclination toward disaster and difficulty buried within the human condition but also its potential for renewal and rebirth

7 A Complete Handbook of Nature Cure

A Complete Handbook of Nature Cure

Shri Bakhru | Health


A Complete Hand-book of Nature Cure’ is complete guide to naturopahy. This book offers a way which, if followed, will provide renewed energy, increased vitality and greater satisfaction that comes from living a full and useful life.

8 Laughter 101

Laughter 101

Ekekere Samuel Ufot | Humor


This is a must read, especially for the everyday down-cast and depressed person. This book propels you to discover that laughing grin that you once had. It reveals, the benefits that results from developing a happy laughing life and stirs you into a renewed self discovery that will shoot you to top of life's challenges.

9 The Explanation

The Explanation

Steven Colman | Biography


The author has chosen his parents badly and at 17 had to wear a yellow star to distinguish him as an enemy of Hungary. After becoming 18 he was called up into the Army as an unarmed laborer. He deserted and as a fake corporal went about during the Arrow-Cross terror period. Saving first his father from a concentration camp and later his mother from a ghetto and springing other people from camps. He greeted the liberating Red Army in 1945. Eventually he walked across a few borders and lived as a displaced person in Germany before joining his brother in Scotland. He met and married a girl from New Zealand and had two children. At age 30, while on a visit to NZ they decided to live in Australia. His wife died in 2002 and 2½ years later he remarried to a Russian lady, 34 his junior.

10 The Fountain of Eternal Youth

The Fountain of Eternal Youth

Alina Udrea | Sci-fi Fantasy


This is a story of lost loves and second chances. It is about magic, treason, ambition and lots of adventures and mythical creatures. Read to find out more.

11 We Are One

We Are One

Anita B. Sulser PhD | Body & Spirit


Beware, you've entered the territory of hard-core philosophers, politically incorrect misfits and advanced meditators. For beginners, reading this is perhaps a rather disenchanting path to the absolute truth. It should be noted a few chapters are the equivalence of a socio-political reality-check from a psycho-spiritual perspective... So, if you enjoy a decent mind-fuck that'll leave you with a few sobering thoughts, please download for free before purchase.Please be advised that some of the content may be extremely disturbing to the faint-hearted. It contains honest/satirical comments, coarse language, theological thought, politics, consciousness engineering, abuse, murder, death, conspiracies, terra-forming and souls trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth.

12 Into Renewal

Into Renewal

Brian Bigelow | Poetry


After my first wife passed away, I began writing a lot of poetry, in this book I feel are the best ones.

13 Pink Ribbons

Pink Ribbons

Joana A Park | Romance


Joana A Park combines her reality with a splash of daydream by bringing us her personal charming story. Through her words, we experience with her the hardest battle of her life & how she found love, hope, strength, & courage from her bias SUHO from EXO. All proceed of this book will be donated to charity.

14 The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows

Kenneth Grahame | Children's Classics


The classic book, The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame.

15 A room with a view

A room with a view

E.M. Foster | Humanities and Arts


A Room with a View is a 1908 novel by English writer E. M. Forster, about a young woman in the repressed culture of Edwardian England. Set in Italy and England, the story is both a romance and a critique of English society at the beginning of the 20th century. Merchant-Ivory produced an award-winning film adaptation in 1985. In 1998, the Modern Library ranked A Room with a View 79th on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century.

16 Leaves of Grass

Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman | Poetry Classics


The diversity of America's people and landscape is captured beautifully in this extraordinary collection of poetry.

17 Persuasion


Jane Austen | Romance Classics


Anne Elliot falls in love with Frederick Wentworth, and although her family persuades her to break it off, she never stops loving him.

18 Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables

Lucy Maud Montgomery | Children's Classics


Although they wanted a sensible boy, the Cuthberts adopt a young, outgoing, headstrong girl with a lively spirit and love of life.

19 The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett | Children's Classics


After the death of her parents, Mary is sent live in her uncle's great lonely house on the Moors where she discovers the key to a Secret Garden.