Humor In The Time Of Covid

July 9, 2020

Covid-19 is no laughing matter.  We get that. However, in times of crisis, 'Laughter is the best medicine' and, luckily, you can find some escape and enjoyment in a good Humor Book.

We have put together some of our Best Humor Books to help lift your spirit and boost your resilience.

So, if you are still in self-isolation and need a way to spend some time, these fun reads should do the trick!

Have fun!

1 The Romance Office

The Romance Office

Zin Murphy | Humor


The mission of the International Romance Office is to spread love and romance in the world. How will its new Vice Coordinator, idealistic Frank Feydeau, shape up to the task? Out of his comfort zone in corruption-hardened Italy, how will he deal with people he finds using the Office for their own sordid ends? A gentle satire on bureaucracies everywhere.

2 Vice of Romance

Vice of Romance

Zin Murphy | Humor


Who will triumph in the battle to become Vice Coordinator of the International Romance Office? Will young love bloom on its campus?

3 Bellino


Zin Murphy | Humor


Sophie flies to Sicily to run a conference on romance. There she meets Marti, a young man in thrall to the glamour of crime. Can she save him?

4 The Joy of Stupidity

The Joy of Stupidity

Kelvin Bueckert | Humor


Come one! Come all! Witness sights never before seen by any man! (No we’re not talking about the housework that constantly goes unnoticed around the house!) Bear witness to the rocky career of Rocky, the Rock Star! (Rock isn’t dead. It’s just layin there dude.) Watch bird…brains with Dave, the Naturalist. Discover strange new worlds with Manitoba Melvin! (Yes, that obscure archeologist who was always trying to keep up with the Joneses!)This collection of short but profound tales will help you will find yourself…laughing. Not only that! This book will improve your marriage…if you let your spouse read it while you clean the house like you said you would six months ago. The Joy of Stupidity! Don't let yourself be miserable without it!

5 Old Devil Hospice

Old Devil Hospice

Bryan Murphy | Humor


Dark humour as ex-spy Franco tries to keep one step ahead of a hit squad intent on revenge. Can the unreliable superpowers of fellow inmate Charlie keep him alive? Can Charlie make Franco more human?

6 The Desert Surfer

The Desert Surfer

M. Thomas Champion | Humor


Did I ask to be born? Did I ask to be middle class? Did I ask my girlfriend to introduce me to marijuana? Well, okay, maybe yes on that last one. But I did not ask to have the Mafia, a Mexican drug lord, an Amish hit man, and the Hollywood Screen Actor's Guild all trying to kill me while I smuggle two illegal aliens across the border with a 1,000 pounds of grass in my trunk. That just sort of happened. Karma, right?

7 Four Men

Four Men

Terry Morgan | Humor


A humorous and satirical tale of four white, middle-aged men struggling with women and other frustrations of modern life and deciding that it’s time to fight back.

8 Romancing The Wife

Romancing The Wife

Zin Murphy | Humor


Frank Feydeau is the new Vice Coordinator of the United Nation International Romance Office, based in Italy. When it comes to love, he only has eyes for his wife Betty, who refuses to leave New Orleans and join him. To get posted there, Frank must win an important contract for Uniro. He has 5 weeks. Suspecting that his wife is falling under the spell of the big boss in New Orleans, Frank moves heaven and earth to do so. Can he overcome the machinations of local politicians, freemasons, film-makers, and his own staff to get reunited with his beloved Betty? Will Romance flourish and multiply in the world? Read this gentle satire for laughs and insights into human behaviour on the way to finding the answers.

9 World's Worst Murder Detective 2: Laws Stand Found!

World's Worst Murder Detective 2: Laws Stand Found!

Adam Stark | Humor


The worthy sequel to the hilariously dark humor story of a very strange murder detective! Powen is back solving crimes, but now as a lawyer! He tries to redeem himself by only accepting very difficult trials. His clients hate him as much as the rest of the courtroom! Will his cursed brain allow any good to come from his attempts at justice?

10 neXt


Lance Manion | Humor


A collection of short stories isn’t really a book. It’s more like dozens of ideas that could have been books if they were thought of by someone with a better attention span. To put it another way; if you took an infinite number of Shakespeares and put them in front of an infinite number of typewriters with an infinite amount of time they still wouldn’t come up with the complete works of Lance Manion

11 Colonel's Book of Jokes and Trivia

Colonel's Book of Jokes and Trivia

Alok Kumar | Humor


Great book to pass time during travel and laugh out even at hard times. The handpicked trivia is sure to make you a popular speaker if you plan to quote some trivia from this book combined with jokes which are guaranteed to make you cry out of laughter.

12 Knock Knock. Who's Joking?

Knock Knock. Who's Joking?

Clean-short-funny-jokes | Humor


A riotous collection of one-liners, short jokes, and the A to Z of top quality "knock knock" jokes. FREE, and ready for download now!

13 For Seeing Eye Dogs Only

For Seeing Eye Dogs Only

Robert S. Swiatek | Humor


A 2007 Foreword Magazine Finalist, this book was described as hysterical by many. Others thought it so funny, that they laughed body parts off. It is about the dumb things that people say and do, or more precisely, missing intelligence. If you liked "Wake Up-It's Time for Your Sleeping Pill", this FREE, ready-for-download e-book is its predecessor.

14 The Sex Diaries

The Sex Diaries

Gurmeet Mattu | Erotica


The Sex Diaries is a romantic comedy, but one that will appeal to both male and female readers. Married couple, Annie and Phil, are having marital difficulties. The counselor they consult, Fiona, suggest they keep a 'sex diary', but does that say more about Fiona than Annie and Phil? In any case, hilarity ensues as our intrepid couple investigates al fresco sex, erotic toys and other bizarre fetishes. Gurmeet Mattu's novel, The Stormer is also available on

15 Coma


Tom Hayes | Humor


John West has it all... A beautiful girl, a great job he loves, a wonderful life. But is it all just a hallucination? After six years in a coma, John wakes up to find his beautiful life swept away in a storm of experimental drugs, and he has no recollection of his pre-coma existence. His choice is clear: Stay in a drab world not of his making and beyond his control, or return to his happy life in the "other" world. Coma is a comedy that challenges our everyday conceptions of reality, God, love, George Bush, and other illusions.

16 Wake up-It's Time for Your Sleeping Pill

Wake up-It's Time for Your Sleeping Pill

Robert S. Swiatek | Humor


A finalist in the Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards, this book is about the health-could-care-less industry. It takes a look at temporary brain deficiencies, and is all about the three (3) “Ls”: Language, Laughter, and Lunacy. FREE and ready for download now!

17 Anthropocentric


Simon Allington-Jones | Humor


Byron--Not a poet, nor a romantic. Death--She has more hang-ups than a wardrobe. An indifference game of love, power, betrayal, and self-loathing in this warm comedy about one of man’s biggest questions: "What do you mean the world doesn't revolve around me?"

18 Mom Letters

Mom Letters

Jack Brackitt | Humor


This comedy novel reports on a Chicago family’s life in one year. It’s funny, but not insipid. Well, maybe it's three percent insipid. Anyway, you will learn a lot about living in Chicago--what it’s like to ride an L train, walk through the Loop, eat at hole-in-the-wall restaurants, etc. If you like Chicago and kids, you’ll really like Mom Letters. It's FREE, and ready for download now!

19 The Nicest Guy and His Lonely Penis

The Nicest Guy and His Lonely Penis

Phil Torcivia | Humor


This isn't your average self-help book filled with good news and inspirational tales nudging you toward your soul mate. This is reality, folks, and it's funny as hell. Enjoy this collection of essays from Phil's numerous works detailing the relationship disasters that have him considering a third cat. WARNING: Adult language, themes, and sexual humor.

20 Amock Comedy Compendium

Amock Comedy Compendium

Gurmeet Mattu | Humor


Amok Comedy Compendium is a taster for the Amock Comedy Magazine, which will be monthly and available from the Magazine section. What you’ll find within is the perfect book to dip into now and again when you need a laugh, including short stories, funny pictures and spoof news. Regular features will include On Company Time, Your Stars with Mystic Mabel and sitcom, Barmaids. This toaster has featured on a stripper suing a voyeur, a woman having a Neanderthal baby, a wife suing the Justice Dept for turning her husband gay by throwing him in jail, how Eva Braun killed Hitler and a picture story about Eskimos. Everybody must believe in something. We believe you should download the Amock Comedy Compendium and give your sense of humor a treat.

21 Snow White Must Die

Snow White Must Die

Elvira Frankenheim | Humor


"Snow White must die" is the story about a contract killer, that is engaged in a more than challenging job, as he knows the victim only a bit too well. Another story illustrates the travel of a couple to the Himalayas, being on their personal quest to find the Yeti, a kind of Asian Bigfoot. Altogether four exquisite short stories.