Collection of Humor Books

April 12, 2023

From witty one-liners to clever observations on everyday life, these books are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and leave you in stitches. Packed with clever wordplay, humorous anecdotes, and quirky illustrations, the "Laugh Riot Collection" is the ultimate literary remedy for those seeking a dose of humor in their day-to-day lives. Whether you're a fan of clever puns, wry sarcasm, or absurd comedy, this collection has something for everyone. Perfect for a quick chuckle or a good belly laugh, these books are the perfect companions for those who love to see the lighter side of life. So get ready to laugh out loud and join in on the fun with the "Laugh Riot Collection" - the perfect remedy for a dull day!

1 Russia-2028


Semyon Skrepetsky | Humor


Post-apocalyptic dystopia about the future of Russia the book "Russia-2028" revives and adventures of a decent scrapper – a rich soil digger in post-apocalyptic Russia. Many consider the book to be prophetic, as some of the plots from it come true in Russian realities. Written by Semyon Skrepetsky – a well-known persecuted artist, writer and blogger in Russia. For his bright satirical anti-Russian activities, he constantly received threats of physical violence and criminal prosecution. As a result, in 2021 he left for Poland, where he received political asylum.

2 Completely Similar

Completely Similar



American Detective, Daniel O\'Leary has hired a British Detective, Miles O\'Keef, A.K.A., \'The Welsh Dragon.His assignment: To take up residence in the O\'Leary home, to act in pretense in becoming Dan\'s Sister,Tegan O\'leary\'s detective trainer, in order to sabotage his sister\'s relationship to Paul, her womanizing fiancee.Dan and Tegan\'s parents, Samual and Sue O\"Leary, are infatuated with anything Welsh, trying to encouragetheir daughter to dump her flirtatious fiancee and \'grab-n-run\' with Miles instead. But to piece together theirunforeseen attraction to each other, while the differences of incomprehensible slang leads to a cluelesshumor, that is completely similar.

3 The Young Shoplifters

The Young Shoplifters

Austin Mitchell | Humor


Syd was a habitual shoplifter. When he was caught and fined a hefty fine he became a shopkeeper. He's now regretting not following his friends after he sees how rich and prosperous they've become from scamming.

4 The Hardest Way Out of Love

The Hardest Way Out of Love

Austin Mitchell | Humor


It took a fight between Syd Daniels and Karl Parker before Dean Morgan realized that he and the latter man were sharing Debra Menzies. Thereafter a lot of things happened. Both Karl and Syd\'s women left them as a result of that incident. Only Dean was spared but he had now taken up with bottle shaped Tanya Dixon, despite threats from his wife, Merris, to divorce him he is refusing to let her go. Merris owns the house they live in and her family owns the company where he works.

5 Interview with a Blue Door

Interview with a Blue Door

Theodora Oniceanu | Humor


Life. Marriage and Fun; the splattered shattered and recomposed tragi-comedy in life and death.Based on 'Trolleo and Henriette' sequel, the original "Interview with the Blue Door", this playwright is treating the subject of Trolleo and Henriette in the absurd fashion, slightly differently, a new life given to each character with the audience's chance offer to participate in the show.

6 Trolleo and Henriette

Trolleo and Henriette

Theodora Oniceanu | Humor


This piece is a theatrical write I've been working on in 2021. The idea came after writing a poem titled the same, flowing with a nice help from some friends and loads of inspiration from everywhere a grain of fun and hope shone. Along with my "Soul Crush" poetry collection, this book walks into my proposal of the year 2021 ShOUT LouD project I chose to express through, a recomposition of a decade followed by decades long time inspiration. Here we get to hear and see a variety of expressions and ways to "shout it out", loud or simply crisp and clear enough to have the proper shake of a ground. One can find in this book, poetry in a variety of forms, humour and tragedy. Parody is included and must be treated accordingly. There is inclusion of fantasy and charms of the past in this piece.

7 Fossils


Robert A Webster | Humor


Proof that age is just a number and getting old doesn't mean you can't have fun. It just means you know how to get away with itFossdyke Retirement Home has seen its fair share of quirky characters, but it’s never seen the likes of these four geriatric musicians who form a band called Fossils. Follow the madcap adventures of Britain’s most irreverently lovable elderly rockers as they trip, stumble, and fall into one situation after another while traveling around Southeast Asia evading adoring fans, journalists, and a ruthless record producer.

8 Stern


Bruce Jay Friedman | Humor


Stern by Bruce Jay Friedman

9 The Quest For The Holy Hummus

The Quest For The Holy Hummus

James Allinson | Humor


The Quest For The Holy Hummus – The Chickpea Chronicles (vol 1). Satire. Comedic / comic / urban fantasy for adults. Despite being a regressive and unhelpful stereotype, it was nevertheless accurate to say that dragons were aggressive, bloodthirsty brutes. Not George, though. He’s a self-professed ‘decent’ individual with a penchant for organic cookery, gardening, and making his own clothes. Oh, and he's a vegan, you know! George's adventure begins when he decides he wants some hummus. However, as Dragonville definitely isn't the sort of place to find chickpea-based snacks, he sets off towards People Town to visit his favourite place in the whole world, the glorious Farmer Fred’s feel-good, local, family, fair-trade, organic wholefoods store. (Vols 1-7 on Amazon)

10 Big Jokers Book

Big Jokers Book

Kyle Ren | Humor


Big Jokers Book. Do you enjoy jokes? Do you love good humor? Enjoy this lovely book. It is full of free jokes that will put a smile on your face. Enjoy.

11 Smokin' Weed With Jesus

Smokin' Weed With Jesus

Clifford Beck | Humor


After a near-fatal car accident, Richard, a bankruptcy attorney, finds himself being rushed to a nearby hospital. While undergoing surgery, he slips into a mysterious, yet familiar place. Confused about his whereabouts, he looks over to find a man sitting on a park bench and upon the beginnings of conversation discovers the man to be none other than Jesus of Nazareth. The ensuing conversation is largely based on Jesus' calm criticism of humankind, religion, and the need for change in order to foster progress.

12 Nerd World

Nerd World

Andrew Johnston | Humor


Paul Liston shouldn't be in this much trouble. Seventeen years old, 4.0 GPA, and it's trivia season. For the two weeks surrounding his school's Trivia Master competition, the rules change. The geeks inherit the earth. Knowledge becomes power. But it's not such a friendly little game. With the balance shifted, the knives come out among the nerd set. Sabotage, deception, betrayal - nothing is off the table in the scramble to the top. And Paul, king of the whiz kids and everyone's target, knows this more than most. His best friend wants to use him. His vengeance-obsessed rival is gunning for him. And even his "one true love" is ready to toss him off the mountain. Paul never wanted this war, but with his enemies multiplying daily, his only hope might be to sink into the gutter with them.

13 The Romance Office

The Romance Office

Zin Murphy | Humor


The mission of the International Romance Office is to spread love and romance in the world. How will its new Vice Coordinator, idealistic Frank Feydeau, shape up to the task? Out of his comfort zone in corruption-hardened Italy, how will he deal with people he finds using the Office for their own sordid ends? A gentle satire on bureaucracies everywhere.

14 A History of Greebie Pigleman

A History of Greebie Pigleman

Hannah Orion | Humor


A History of Greebie Pigleman is a humourous comical story about a druid who has his apprenticeship at the Pyx and hence he starts out as a Pixie until he is promoted to full Druid status. He is in charge of the halfshard of the creation stone. He must keep is hidden from the evil overlord Mogodawn who already has the other halfshard and wants to rule all Skard with the powers set free by the creation stone. This is a comical whimsical story for pleasure and entertainment.

15 Vice of Romance

Vice of Romance

Zin Murphy | Humor


Who will triumph in the battle to become Vice Coordinator of the International Romance Office? Will young love bloom on its campus?

16 Bellino


Zin Murphy | Humor


Sophie flies to Sicily to run a conference on romance. There she meets Marti, a young man in thrall to the glamour of crime. Can she save him?

17 The Joy of Stupidity

The Joy of Stupidity

Kelvin Bueckert | Humor


Come one! Come all! Witness sights never before seen by any man! (No we’re not talking about the housework that constantly goes unnoticed around the house!) Bear witness to the rocky career of Rocky, the Rock Star! (Rock isn’t dead. It’s just layin there dude.) Watch bird…brains with Dave, the Naturalist. Discover strange new worlds with Manitoba Melvin! (Yes, that obscure archeologist who was always trying to keep up with the Joneses!)This collection of short but profound tales will help you will find yourself…laughing. Not only that! This book will improve your marriage…if you let your spouse read it while you clean the house like you said you would six months ago. The Joy of Stupidity! Don't let yourself be miserable without it!

18 Old Devil Hospice

Old Devil Hospice

Bryan Murphy | Humor


Dark humour as ex-spy Franco tries to keep one step ahead of a hit squad intent on revenge. Can the unreliable superpowers of fellow inmate Charlie keep him alive? Can Charlie make Franco more human?

19 The Desert Surfer

The Desert Surfer

M. Thomas Champion | Humor


Did I ask to be born? Did I ask to be middle class? Did I ask my girlfriend to introduce me to marijuana? Well, okay, maybe yes on that last one. But I did not ask to have the Mafia, a Mexican drug lord, an Amish hit man, and the Hollywood Screen Actor's Guild all trying to kill me while I smuggle two illegal aliens across the border with a 1,000 pounds of grass in my trunk. That just sort of happened. Karma, right?

20 Romancing The Wife

Romancing The Wife

Zin Murphy | Humor


Frank Feydeau is the new Vice Coordinator of the United Nation International Romance Office, based in Italy. When it comes to love, he only has eyes for his wife Betty, who refuses to leave New Orleans and join him. To get posted there, Frank must win an important contract for Uniro. He has 5 weeks. Suspecting that his wife is falling under the spell of the big boss in New Orleans, Frank moves heaven and earth to do so. Can he overcome the machinations of local politicians, freemasons, film-makers, and his own staff to get reunited with his beloved Betty? Will Romance flourish and multiply in the world? Read this gentle satire for laughs and insights into human behaviour on the way to finding the answers.

21 World's Worst Murder Detective 2: Laws Stand Found!

World's Worst Murder Detective 2: Laws Stand Found!

Adam Stark | Humor


The worthy sequel to the hilariously dark humor story of a very strange murder detective! Powen is back solving crimes, but now as a lawyer! He tries to redeem himself by only accepting very difficult trials. His clients hate him as much as the rest of the courtroom! Will his cursed brain allow any good to come from his attempts at justice?

22 Metro 44 East

Metro 44 East

Eileen Smith and Terry Walters | Humor


People who are taking a bus. The book covers their conversations, morning, noon, and evening.

23 neXt


Lance Manion | Humor


A collection of short stories isn’t really a book. It’s more like dozens of ideas that could have been books if they were thought of by someone with a better attention span. To put it another way; if you took an infinite number of Shakespeares and put them in front of an infinite number of typewriters with an infinite amount of time they still wouldn’t come up with the complete works of Lance Manion

24 Raygun


David Edward Martin | Humor


Dave Murphy is a 49 year old stocking clerk stoner who is a loser until he finds a Ray Gun and becomes the most powerful man on Earth. Will a 49 year old stoner use this power wisely?

25 Life Through the Eyes of a 10 year old

Life Through the Eyes of a 10 year old

Ishan Khire | Humor


This is a funny book about my journey through life in school and outside it. Complete with the horrors of life without internet, teacher trouble, observations about the weird world, and a trip to the future where robots rule. Sure to crack up kids and adults alike.

26 Down the Memory Lane

Down the Memory Lane

Jyotsna Lal | Humor


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