Book Collection For Stress Management

December 31, 1969


This book collection is perfect for relieving stress and teaching proper planning, organization, and time management. They contain advice on staying organized, how to save money and stay healthy on a tight budget, create daily routines that help you feel more in control of your life, and many other useful tips for anyone working to achieve his or her dreams.

1 Stress Management - How to Break Free from a Stressful Lifestyle

Stress Management - How to Break Free from a Stressful Lifestyle

Nelmsc | Health


If you are one of the millions of people who are feeling stressed out, this book is for you. Identify the stress that affects your daily life, eliminate unnecessary stress, and learn to deal with stressful situations in a healthy way.

2 Stress less

Stress less



We all know that stress is bad for us and this is something we get told very often. Stress can shorten your lifespan. Ruin your enjoyment. Cause serious illness. Shrink your brain. Hurt your performance. Ruin your relationships. Cause impotence.This is the essential guide to reduce stress with Meditation and mindfulness

3 Stress Soothers

Stress Soothers

Mohammad Kassem | Self-Improvement


This eBook explains what stress is, the causes of stress and how it affects a person. Then gives you an insight on how you can abolish stress from your life and think with a clear mind

4 How to Manage Stress In College, Study Skills and Still Have Loads Of Fun Vol.1

How to Manage Stress In College, Study Skills and Still Have Loads Of Fun Vol.1

Terry D. Clark | Self-Improvement


Discover a brand new way on how to manage stress in college while mastering your study skills and still have loads of fun! If you really want to get the best results possible without putting in countless hours in at the local library, then this eBook is definitely for you! It's like having your very own time management expert that you can reference and ask questions anytime that you need to. You'll uncover a wide array of tips, including interesting facts that made them what they are today! Read more inside...

5 Understanding And Managing Oxidative Stress In Turf Grass

Understanding And Managing Oxidative Stress In Turf Grass

Jeff Haag | Science


Preventing Oxidative Stress in turf grass is a key component to having beautiful and healthy turf grass.

6 Exam Stress -  Tips to Help You Manage

Exam Stress - Tips to Help You Manage

Dr. K. V. Anand | Educational


Suffering from Exam Stress? The solution is at your fingertips! Exam stress and anxiety can be a very unsettling. This e-Book deals with the ways and tips to tackle exam stress in a detailed manner. You can attempt examination and tests without worries. Useful for all ages.

7 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

National Institute of Health | Health


A great 18 page reference on the detection, symptoms and treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from the National Institute of Health.

8 Why Make Yourself Crazy?: 400 Strategies for a Stress-Free Life

Why Make Yourself Crazy?: 400 Strategies for a Stress-Free Life

G. Gaynor McTigue | Free Previews


Don't just relieve your stress, eliminate the causes! Join thousands of people worldwide who have broken the choke-hold of stress in their lives forever with these breakthrough strategies, which you will NOT find anywhere else.

9 How to Eliminate Stress And Anxiety From Your Life

How to Eliminate Stress And Anxiety From Your Life

Ethan Chong | Health


This 77 page eBook contains detailed and practical strategies that you can use to manage stress and anxiety effectively. By downloading this eBook, you will get a combination of expert advice from psychologists, educators, and people who suffer from excessive stress and anxiety. There's absolutely no reason why you have to suffer anymore. I am giving you the cure NOW!

10 Don't Stress Your Life is Calling!

Don't Stress Your Life is Calling!

Margie Remmers | Body & Spirit


This fun and fascinating FREE eBook teaches you five (5) things that you can do right now to permanently eliminate stress so that you can get on with your life. Includes easy-to-follow checklists, and more than a dozen resources and recommendations to get you on the road to stress-free living right now.

11 Living Stress Free: The Secret of How To Manage Stress And Live Life Fully

Living Stress Free: The Secret of How To Manage Stress And Live Life Fully

Sonali Perera | Self-Improvement


Using techniques that address every aspect of stress including breathing, nutrition, physical exercise and time management, you can slowly remove the sources of stress from your life once and for all and live stress free! This book considers different possibilities and will briefly explain what you can do if your feelings of being overwhelmed and burnt out point to a deeper problem and where to get help if you are suffering from a mental condition.

12 Preventing Stress In Intensively Manicured Athletic Fields

Preventing Stress In Intensively Manicured Athletic Fields

Jeff Haag | Science


Preventing stress in athletic fields is the key to athletic field turf grass surviving during the summer months, and by utilizing some key nutrients, most stress can be avoided.

13 Adult Coloring Book: 100 Patters For Stress Relief

Adult Coloring Book: 100 Patters For Stress Relief

Jay Martin | Recreation & Hobby


A great coloring book for adults with 100 fantastic patterns for your relaxation and creative expression. Because they are printed on one side of the page the ink will not bleed through.



F.C | World Textbooks


Stress is a large contributor to illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and other serious health conditions.With the problem of stress in mind, it is imperative to find a way to relieve stress and help manage other mental health problems.Mindfulness is one of the best ways to help manage stress and other factors related to chaos in life. Practicing mindfulness can be difficult if you've never done it before. You might not know where to start or how to do it. With this guide you will learn how to relax and improve your body, mind, and spirit through mindfulness.

15 Mindful Meditation Mantra

Mindful Meditation Mantra

Khomtuan Khanthanu Bhikku | Self-Improvement


Why are people turning to meditation to improve their daily lives? today, we are suffering from information overload and stress more than previous generations. Whatever the reason, mindful meditation can be a powerful force bringing us back to those important lost connections to what is truly happening inside of us and around us.

16 Appreciate the Little Things - The #1 Rule of Happiness

Appreciate the Little Things - The #1 Rule of Happiness

Jeremiah Say | Self-Improvement


People spend their days worrying and thinking about the big things: acing that big test, getting that big salaried job, going on that big date. They fail to notice the sweet little things that make life so special. The bird that is warbling in the tree branch outside of your office window is a call to enjoy the prettiness of Nature rather than the stress of work, yet you probably do not take the time to notice it because you just have to get your proposal done for your demanding boss. Sponsored by:

17 Skin Deep: A Mind Body Program for Healthy Skin

Skin Deep: A Mind Body Program for Healthy Skin

Dr. Ted A. Grossbart | Psychology & Culture


Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy Skin is an excellent book that should be beneficial to physicians treating skin disorders well as to patients having skin problems. It will be especially useful to those unfortunate persons with chronic skin disorders. The authors realize that the psychological techniques they emphasize, and so carefully outline in their book, are not a panacea but a very useful methodology to be utilized in conjunction with conventional dermatologic therapy. In fact, the authors rightly stress that any patient with a dermatitis should first start therapy with a dermatologist. Since the vast majority of dermatoses have an emotional component, whether as a cause, an aggravating factor, or a result, patients will find this book of exceptional value in obtai...

18 Meditation, Motivation, and More

Meditation, Motivation, and More

Mary Havelock | Psychology


No one can escape it. Unless you live on a deserted island somewhere in the middle of the South Pacific, you experience stress on a daily basis. It's impossible to avoid. Hours in stop and go traffic; poor working conditions; family issues; bad nutritional choices; and money problems are just a few of the negative factors that face us on a daily basis. Many people who find it difficult coping with these issues turn to medication for a solution. Unfortunately, medication can become a double edged sword. While it may provide a temporary "fix" it generally doesn't last. In fact, medication could ultimately impact the overall picture by adding addiction to the list of stress factors. So what's a person to do? That's the question that Mary Havelock answers in "Meditation, Motivation and More".

19 Motivating Tips

Motivating Tips

Jan Tincher | Philosophy (Academic)


Download this FREE eBook by noted Hypnotherapist and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Jan Tincher, who states that if you can think, you can change your thoughts; and if you can change your thoughts, you can change your life. She offers information and useful tips for handling stress, boosting your self-esteem, and achieving your goals and all-around success! Download it today!

20 Relaxation - a Path to Healing

Relaxation - a Path to Healing

Gordon Rosenberg | Health


Learning to relax may be one of the best things you can do for your body and your overall state of being. These exercises guided by an experienced relaxation teacher can help you achieve this level of relaxation and help you manage the stress and tension in your life. You may be amazed at the results!

21 I'm Okay, Life's Okay

I'm Okay, Life's Okay

Lisa Steingold | Self-Improvement


I'm OKAY, Life's OKAY is a guide for finally letting go of stress and anxiety and learning to relax into life. So often we feel we're getting life right or wrong and feel we're making mistakes and failing when really it's just all one game where we get to decide how to play. The book is designed to facilitate letting go of thinking that keeps us stuck and open to new possibilities. It's a must read if you're tired of fighting with life, feel like you're failing or are in need of a new "tune".

22 The Rise of Peace

The Rise of Peace

Dr. Hafiz Shahid Amin | Fiction


The Scenario… The Central Theme...>>: A Novel has been written in the context of present day fast changing political scenario of the world. Most important international burning issues have been touched in this novel in the most skillful and careful manner. Shall this peace seeking world ever reach the lasting peace..? There is the destruction of all anti peace world forces in an attempt to convert this world into a peaceful world. All nations live peacefully in the long run. People respect each other’s religious, territorial limits and social taboo. This Novel is an action and adventure based fiction and an attempt to make this world as a joint peaceful global village free of discriminations of caste and race and Islamic and non Islamic likes and dislikes. Author seems to stress upon the fact that discriminations of this sort are very fatal for the restoration of world peace.

23 7 Principles to Live a Champion Life

7 Principles to Live a Champion Life

John Di Lemme | Self-Improvement


Your birth certificate gives you the absolute right to live a Champion life. Sadly, most people don't believe they are worthy of living true lifestyle freedom. The principles in this book will reveal how to live a Champion life and unlock your limitless potential. Rid your life of distractions, stress, and worry forever! You are a Champion, and it's time that you believe it! "When I first met John Di Lemme, I was lost, confused, frustrated, and didn't know what to do next in my business. Through John's teachings and mentorship, he has taught me how to build my self-confidence and believe that I am worth of success and living the Champion life!" - Dr. Sandra Kahn, Oriental Medicine, Florida