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October 25, 2022

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1 Childrens Party Games

Childrens Party Games

| Games


Now its the time for childrens to party with fun games.

2 The Large Party - Party Games Page

The Large Party - Party Games Page

Harvey Smith | Games


Interesting party games. Encouraging people to have fun together. Download it today!

3 Party Games for Small Groups of Adults

Party Games for Small Groups of Adults

| Games


Getting all the people of the world to have fun together.

4 Game of Life: The Fifth Flower

Game of Life: The Fifth Flower

Asger Rosendal Thorn | Philosophy


Life is a game and we ought to play it. I have always loved games; but I did not always love my life. It is full of things such as shame, duties, responsibilities and it often really feels like a "Load"-button is missing for us to rewind our mistakes. Therefore life is a game on "Hardcore"-mode. We have only one chance unless we believe in the afterlife, which I do, however, I do not intend to wait and see if it's any better than the current one. We must learn to play; we must learn the ultimate skills that helps us survive in the Game of Life. "Game of Life: The Fifth Flower" is a book about love, happiness, success, innovation, intelligence, the importance of practice, temperament theory and the overwhelming power of games. Let our adventure begin!

5 Card Games 32 BLACK MARIA

Card Games 32 BLACK MARIA

B H Wood | Self Teaching


card game

6 Card Games Up To Date

Card Games Up To Date

Charles Roberts | Self Teaching


rules and advices for most popular card games

7 The Game of Life

The Game of Life

EKEKERE SAMUEL UFOT | Self-Improvement


Like the chess game, we are in life like warriors meant to challenge life and the obstacles it supplies to making us life champion. Inside everyone is that craving to challenge life and win. This book will show you how and why the best war tacticians will advice you play chess.

8 The Game of Earthly Delights

The Game of Earthly Delights

Rik Orlok | Short Stories


Here is the surreal story of Daniel Black--a suburban spaceman who starts working at a virtual reality games corporation. There, he soon crosses the path of two sinister scientists, Wolfgang Eisel and the Padre. They blackmail him into becoming a guinea pig to try out their new groundbreaking virtual game, The Game of Earthly Delights. What follows is a rollercoaster ride into the extreme wild side of the underworld. But what happens when virtual reality becomes just too real? Can Daniel's guardian angel save him? Download this FREE e-Book, and find out!

9 That Old Ball Game

That Old Ball Game

Mike Bozart | Short Stories


Agents 32 and 33 of the psecret psociety take in a minor league baseball game in Charlotte in April of 2014. They are almost struck by a baseball, but it curves and becomes a just-inside-the-foul-pole home run. Agent 33 keeps recalling a San Francisco Giants - Los Angeles Dodgers game back in 1992 at the old Candlestick Park, as if it has some relevance to their present moment. Agent 32 suspects that Agent 33's mind may be permanently lost to Ernie's echo chamber of thoughts.

10 Game Play

Game Play

Tina Collins | Erotica


Discover just how far a group of people will go to fulfill their ultimate desires. This collection of erotic short stories is just a moment in time in several lives, including a lesbian couple who receives guidance from an unknown source. A misogynist, who uses women in the way he believes they deserve, only to finally realize the true meaning of 'fire in the loins'... These are games that carry elements of risk. Could you play games in a similar vein? Are you willing to put your well-being in jeopardy in order to achieve your kicks? There's only one way to find out.

11 Top Gaming Systems - What You Need to Know to Make Gaming More Fun

Top Gaming Systems - What You Need to Know to Make Gaming More Fun

Neil Brooks | Games


Learn more about the top gaming systems, including recommendations, fixes, and tips!

12 The New Game Makers Bible

The New Game Makers Bible

Adam J. Capps | Games


Need help making a game? The New Game Makers Bible is the premier book for helping game makers make the best games possible. It teaches good game making in many forms, whatever the genre, whatever the topic, it is covered here. It goes over good ideas, bad ideas, different kinds of games, story development, particular elements such as game mechanics, and much more.

13 The New Video Game Idea Book

The New Video Game Idea Book

Adam J Capps | Computer & Internet


The New Video Game Idea Book is a book that gives game makers ideas for a great new video game. It does so by giving the game maker new and old ideas to work with. It also goes over the philosophy of what makes a good video game, helps the game maker's imagination, shows them their options, and goes over the best methods for making a new video game. This is a helpful public domain book for making good video games.

14 Introduction to Slots and Video Gaming

Introduction to Slots and Video Gaming

Slotozilla | Games


Online games might seem very hard to play nowadays. Many different rules confuse the player and he or she is afraid to start a new game. Some people like to spend time deepening in the new set of rules while others leave the game and start doing something else. So, this e-book was created especially for those interested in online slot machines. Reading this book will increase your understanding of basic principles of slot machines.

15 How To Determine Which Is the Best Game Console for Your Kids' Learning Process:  Xbox 360 or Playstation the 411

How To Determine Which Is the Best Game Console for Your Kids' Learning Process: Xbox 360 or Playstation the 411

Terry D. Clark | Games


Are you looking for the perfect video game system for your kids or have you purchased one already and would like to determine if you bought the best game console for kids? Well, if YOU are unsure -- Then this may be the most important eBook you'll ever read! As a Mom or Dad you would want the best educational toys for your child'a learning process. You don't need any past gaming experience or education on the gaming world -- it doesn't matter! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Xbox 360, Playstation, GameBoy, etc... without racking your brainpower. Read more inside!

16 Psychic Basketball: Empower Your Game With With Practical Applications Of Telepathy, Precognition, and Telekinesis

Psychic Basketball: Empower Your Game With With Practical Applications Of Telepathy, Precognition, and Telekinesis

Lord SG Vanwells | Body & Spirit


This book is a quantum leap in basketball training and psychological technology to make players better than ever using secret methods like kung fu principles, psychic training and sports hypnosis. Psychic abilities can be gained through specified focus and visualization exercises and you can use these powers to deflect shots, confuse opponents, and cause mayhem on the basketball court. Become a Basketball Jedi or Sith with the information laid out in this E-Book. Continual support is offered beyond the purchase and your Game will never be the same again. The principles of Kung fu alone applied to basketball from this E-Book can improve your balance and defensive ability exponentially making you an excellent defender practically overnight with the speed of a ninja to sneak up on opponents.

17 Indie Game Development with C# & XNA

Indie Game Development with C# & XNA

Dan Violet Sagmiller | Technology


Learn to make your own video games using XNA. Focused around teams starting up, it discusses how to keep a team motivated, how to produce an easy to follow/maintain GDD (Game Design Document), and teaches C# programming. This eBook also teaches you all the steps to making your first game with AI, Physics, digitally programmed animations, and finally discusses marketing and releasing.

18 Pawn Stars:The Game Secrets & Guide

Pawn Stars:The Game Secrets & Guide

JBL | Games


Introducing Pawn Starts : The Game. All the secrets & guide you will need in 1 e-book, without need to search for information resulting of sleepless nights, errors and unsuccessful completion. Master the art of pawn and be the master of the game to truly enjoy the game. Have fun.

19 100 Game Design Tips and Tricks

100 Game Design Tips and Tricks

Wlad Marhulets | Computer & Internet


My name is Wlad Marhulets, and I’m the developer of DARQ - an award-winning game. I wanted to share with you some tips & tricks about game design I’ve learned over the years while working on my first game (which to my surprise became #42 most shared PC Video Game of 2019, according to Metacritic). Some of these lessons were learned by making countless mistakes, others from GDC talks, youtube videos, fellow developers, and articles. I did my best to link to sources if I managed to find them or remember them. Some tips are genre-specific. Others contradict one another. It’s up to you to use them or not. Ultimately, breaking rules is the prerequisite to innovation. My hope is that this little book helps you make better decisions when designing your game!

20 My Anti Christ Game or Movie

My Anti Christ Game or Movie

Lucifer Jeremy White | Games


This is a detailed book for a video game idea in which you become The Anti Christ and take over the world. It also includes many ideas that may be used for other video games. All of the ideas are free. The book is in public domain.

21 My Anti Christ Game Or Movie: 2nd Edition

My Anti Christ Game Or Movie: 2nd Edition

Lucifer Jeremy White | Religious


There are 666 ideas in this book for making a Satanic video game. The first two parts focus on the plot of becoming The Anti Christ and taking over the world. The third part is a large number of ideas for any kind of Satanic video game. Many of the ideas here can be used for a Satanic movie instead. It is a book of formulas for a Satanic game or movie. All of the ideas here are free and this is a public domain book. Anyone wishing to pick up where I left off may do so. This second edition has had much added to it and previous mistakes have been corrected.

22 The Game Theory or Is There an End?

The Game Theory or Is There an End?

Kaja Šegvić | Body & Spirit


What if there is a way in which all there is to know about the Universe, about God, about yourself, can be explained in just one book? And what if this is that book? I wrote it to explain to everyone who is interested how all life can be seen and lived as ONE GAME we are playing by ourselves, for ourselves, out of ourselves. With the mathematic proof that it is so! And that we are all ONE playing this life Game... If that is so, IS THERE AN END TO THIS GAME? And how to reach it and finally WIN! ;-) With all my love, Kaja Segvic, enlightened mathematician and the artist

23 The Halfshaft Games

The Halfshaft Games

Jonathan Pidduck | Sci-fi Fantasy


A humorous fantasy from the author of "Slave-Girls and Amazons". The Games have commenced. A contest of strength, of courage, of the sheer will to survive, all televised for the amusement of the viewers back at home. Pursued through the Forest by a motley collection of trolls, witches, Amazons and an indecisive man in a lime-green mankind, Half-shaft the befuddled wizard runs for his life. His only companion is Cherry, his narcissistic teammate, whose principal achievement is proving that you don't need music to twerk. Together, they attempt to survive against all the Games can throw at them, and everything they can hurl at each other. Colorful humorous fantasy/parody for adults.

24 Ascension: The End Game

Ascension: The End Game

AP West | Sci-fi Fantasy


"Ascension: The End Game" is the second installment in the Ascension sci-fi adventure. A sequel to "The Rising Son", it continues with the tale of Apollo, Solomon and Grace and the war waged by the Corsair against their home city of Alcazar. Disguised as a Corsair soldier, Apollo finds himself struggling with what to do in order to get back home. Meanwhile, Solomon and Grace barely manage to avoid certain death from Corsair captives. As changing circumstances alter alliances, new characters are introduced and some people finding themselves in places they never knew existed. (Edited Version Upload on 12-23-14)

25 This Book Is a Game

This Book Is a Game

Wendell Charles NeSmith | Games


Shall we play a game? Congratulations on your commitment to play the game, "This Book Is a Game".

26 Hate Games - Book 1 in the Reckless Enemies Series

Hate Games - Book 1 in the Reckless Enemies Series

Marilyn Cruise | Romance


From the best-selling author comes an intense enemies-to-lovers series, brimming with angst, hate, & a fiery-hot love story that will bring you to your knees. I had never hated a man until met Spencer King, the heir to a multi-billion-dollar empire. Love was a game to him & he crushed my heart again & again for no other reason than to take pleasure in it. He was a beautiful monster. A silver-tongued liar. An irresistible player. Years ago, we shared a fateful night that left me so broken that I stopped believing in love. He nearly destroyed me then. I thought I was over him, that I had moved on. But like a bull in a china shop, he stormed back into my life again. And now, he's back to play his vicious games... Games I know he'll never let me win.BOOK 1/3 in the RECKLESS ENEMIES SERIES

27 Free Video Game Idea Book

Free Video Game Idea Book

Adam J Capps | Games


This book has free video game ideas for whatever kind of game you are making. Many different kinds of games are covered. Old ideas are listed as well as new ones to give the reader as many choices as possible when putting together their own games.

28 Anatomy of a Game Engine

Anatomy of a Game Engine

Richard Baldwin | Technology


This book gives readers the ins and outs in game programming. It teaches Computer Information Technology students the inner workings of a game engine. It aims to get readers started and how to compile and execute your first Slick2D program.

29 The Glad Game Revisited - Your 21 Day into Vibrational Alignment - Book I - Divine Orchestration

The Glad Game Revisited - Your 21 Day into Vibrational Alignment - Book I - Divine Orchestration

Alva v.H | Self-Improvement


Your Goals & Aspirations deserve Your Time & Attention -Your Time IS Now & Your deepest Desires ARE worth it - Now is the power of YOU – the Co-Creator of YOUR Reality & Designer of YOUR Dream-Life! ...Only when we Re-learn to SEE and FEEL our experience differently, will we be able to witness the MIRACLES around us. This Re-learning process in order to be able to see and feel our NOW as such, is the prerequisite for our HAPPINESS. The 'Glad Game Revisited' course is as such a method to guide you in this direction. It is designed as a powerful TOOL to achieve this GOAL. This step by step course will empower your Soul & Spirit assisting you to further restore CLARITY with EASE & GRACE, while leading you to be able to EMBRACE your destiny & FLOW and finally MANIFEST your deepest DESIRES.

30 Passive Income Game Plan

Passive Income Game Plan

David Baer | Business


Passive Income is a hot topic these days. People all over the world are looking for ways to replace their job or earn money on their own because they can't find work. But it's not only about internet marketing! There are dozens upon dozens of ways to generate passive income, and Passive Income Game Plan is designed as a primer on the subject. Passive Income Game Plan covers a wide range of opportunities that just about anyone has the ability to add to their lives or current business right now. Topics include both online and offline solutions, as well as done-for-you options as well.If you've been looking for a straight talking, no fluff presentation on creating passive income, this ebook is a great place to start.

31 Card Games 29 PIQUET

Card Games 29 PIQUET

B H Wood | Self Teaching


card game



B H Wood | Self Teaching


card game

33 Basic Game Development Course

Basic Game Development Course

MAGES Institute | Academic Articles


A brief look at a condensed high-end game development course focusing on basics (concept designing and pitch idea).

34 Attention Games: 101 Fun, Easy Games That Help Kids Learn To Focus

Attention Games: 101 Fun, Easy Games That Help Kids Learn To Focus

Shakil Ahamed | Free Previews


If you want to focus children's attention, you first have to capture their interest. Attention Games is filled with interesting and child-tested activities that can help children of all ages become better at focusing and paying attention. By sharing the upbeat, joyful activities in Attention Games, you can enhance your child's intelligence, boost his confidence, increase his ability to concentrate on one thing for long periods, and show that you care. Developed by Barbara Sher—parent, teacher, play therapy specialist and pediatric occupational therapist—these activities are specially designed to encourage kids to expand their powers of attention in ways that will help them throughout their lives.

35 Fish and Game Recipes

Fish and Game Recipes

| Food/Recipes


54 different Fish and Game Recipes. Fish & Game Recipe Sampler.

36 Making A Great Video Game

Making A Great Video Game

Adam J. Capps | Games


Great guide for making a great video game. It primes the game maker before they start, it provides things they need to know while making a game, and contains 20 pages of free and original ideas. It is a book of ideas- of what was before and what could be. It brings all sorts of things to mind that the game maker should know. It covers every little thing that makes a good video game and things that ruin them too. It is a book that helps a game maker make the best game possible.

37 Make Money Playing Video Games

Make Money Playing Video Games

Uridium | Games


Learn how you can make a living or just extra pocket money while doing what you already love - Playing video games!

38 Party Games for Large Groups of Teenagers

Party Games for Large Groups of Teenagers

James Pond | Games


Intresting games for the teenagers. A chance to enjoy and know people.

39 Card Games 31 POUNCE

Card Games 31 POUNCE

B H Wood | Self Teaching


card game

40 Card Games 34 CANASTA

Card Games 34 CANASTA

B H Wood | Self Teaching


card game

41 Card Games 33 FAN TAN

Card Games 33 FAN TAN

B H Wood | Self Teaching


card game

42 Day Game Dating (The Five Vital Principals)

Day Game Dating (The Five Vital Principals)

Colin | Romance


Download this FREE e-Book, and discover the five (5) vital principals of success in Day Game Dating--the practice of going out and meeting women during the day. Download it now!

43 Affiliate Success is all a Numbers Game!

Affiliate Success is all a Numbers Game!

David Harp | Marketing


Snowball the competition with these success-yielding guru secrets that author David Harp can share and teach you in only eight (8) easy steps!

44 Illegal Game

Illegal Game

Hana Aianhanma | Flash Fiction


Sleeth the Slothainian was just about to start its second celebratory rest after getting promoted when it got a call. A newly discovered species was being exploited and Sleeth was just the right being to be sent to stop it. After it had the moss cleaned off its fur, that is.

45 Under $500 Gaming PC Setup - Step by Step

Under $500 Gaming PC Setup - Step by Step

Antonio Patrick | Computer & Internet


We dealt with everyone's burning question about what the best PC for $499 is. We walked through the parts told you our reasoning and sent it out to the wilds of the internet. However we are not done yet, we don't just recommend a PC full of parts and call it a day.

46 Mind Games

Mind Games

C.J. Deurloo | Drama


After his father’s death strange things begin to happen to Anthony Baker. He is regularly visited by Major Crosse a scientist from the 19th century. The man convinces Anthony that computers were invented to observe and control civilians. A few months later, Anthony is about to take part in a medical experiment. The doctors stop at nothing. When he is forced to kill, Anthony questions if he is doing the right thing.

47 Narcotic Games

Narcotic Games

E.Right | Youth


David Field decides to go on a wild excursion but later realises how detrimental drugs can be. This is the original version of narcotics club. This is a drama and contains some mild horror and should only be read by people over the age of 15.

48 Chess For All

Chess For All

Paul Wiseman | Games


So you know how the pieces move - but what do you do next? The answers are to be found in this book which explains the important knowledge that all good players have at their fingertips. 'Chess For All' is in two parts: The basic skills you need to know in order to become a competent chess player - the Essentials - and then some basic Endgame skills so you don't spoil all your hard work with weak endgame play. (There are already hundreds of books that give tips on mid-games in chess as well as countless monograms about openings etc. but the modest remit of this book is to get you off to a good start).

49 Ultimate Tennis Practice for 2 Players

Ultimate Tennis Practice for 2 Players

Cosmin Miholca | Fitness


This book is a collection of some of the best tennis warm-up exercises, on-court drills and games to improve singles and doubles skills. Recommended to players of intermediate or advanced level.

50 Powerball - Soccerball

Powerball - Soccerball

Mike Bozart | Flash Fiction


A virtual soccer/football game (which could be used in a betting pool) is devised by a seldom-heard-from psecret psociety agent. The lottery-numbers-based procedure is outlined meticulously. The scoring averages are very realistic. Zack sure had some time on his hands.