Best Collection of Book Stories About Mothers

April 18, 2023

From tales of motherly wisdom and courage to stories that capture the joy and challenges of motherhood, this collection offers a diverse and rich exploration of the profound role that mothers play in our lives.

Within this collection, you will embark on a literary journey that spans across genres and time periods, encompassing poignant memoirs, moving fiction, and touching poetry. Each story captures the unique essence of motherhood, delving into the complexities of the mother-child relationship with authenticity and tenderness.

1 Mother Knows Best - A Novella

Mother Knows Best - A Novella

Netta Newbound | Mystery


An Edge of your Seat Psychological Thriller Novella All her life twenty-two-year-old Ruby Fitzroy’s annoyingly over-protective mother has believed the worst will befall one of her two daughters. Sick and tired of living in fear, Ruby arranges a date without her mother’s knowledge. On first impressions, charming and sensitive Cody Strong seems perfect. When they visit his home overlooking the Welsh coast, she meets his delightful father Steve and brother Kyle. But it isn’t long before she discovers all is not as it seems. After a shocking turn of events, Ruby’s world is blown apart. Terrified and desperate, she prepares to face her darkest hour yet. Will she ever escape this nightmare?

2 Mother


Owen Wister | Short Stories Classics


It was for this reason that we all yearned in our middle-aged way for the tale of love which we expected from young Richard. He, on his part, repeated the hope that by the time his turn to tell a story was reached we should be tired of stories and prefer to spend the evening at the card tables or in the music room.

3 The Mother

The Mother

Pearl S. Buck | Fiction


She fed the grass into the stove bit by bit, absorbed in the task, the firelight falling on her face, a broad, strong face, full lips, and darkly brown and red with wind and sun. Her black eyes were shining in the light, very clear eyes, set straight beneath her brows. It was a face not beautiful but passionate and good. One would say, here is a quick-tempered woman but warm wife and mother and kind to an old woman in her house.

4 Spellhollow Wood

Spellhollow Wood

Joe Scotti | Sci-fi Fantasy


Imagine embracing your mother one day, then having no memory of her 24 hours later... That's how thirteen year old Marie's story begins in the spring of 1968. Each day her father, James, visits his wife's empty grave, convinced she was the victim of a vicious bear attack. Marie's memory impairment forces him to endure his grief silently, constantly reliving the horrifying incident - his wife literally torn from his daughter's arms, with no trace of her ever found. But this strange disappearance is only too common within the 220 square-mile tract of bewitched woodland they live next to, known locally as Spellhollow Wood - the last remaining ancient growth forest in all of North America. Even now in 2013, it is a place tucked away in obscurity. And of course there was no bear attack. With the aid of a mysterious boy, Perion, and a homeless girl named Courinn, Marie discovers the truth about the mother she has no memory of.

5 River Mother

River Mother

justin spring | Fiction


RIVER MOTHER: the Face of the Sphinx is a fictional autobiography of an extraordinary Nubian female shaman/leader whose face becomes the face of the Sphinx. The story is set in the Proto-Egyptian Mother Goddess period c. 6000 B.C. and is told by River Mother herself. She begins by describing her birth and early life in a hunter/gatherer tribe in Nubia and then the shamanic training and prophetic visions that eventually drive her to journey to the Nile delta where she becomes a great visionary leader whose impact on the lives of the delta’s inhabitants eventually bring them to honor her as a living Goddess by carving her face on a cliff in Giza.

6 Journey Untold My Mother's Struggle with Mental Illness

Journey Untold My Mother's Struggle with Mental Illness

Yassin S. Hall and Loán C. Sewer | Youth


Journey Untold will make you laugh, make you cry, and most importantly spark a conversation about how people can cope with life’s challenges. Do you need motivation? Dealing with mental illness, depression, sexual assault, domestic abuse, divorce and life struggles, be inspired to keep on going and becoming a success.

7 A Mother's Guide to Clean Living in a Dirty Universe

A Mother's Guide to Clean Living in a Dirty Universe

Maïa | Miscellaneous


This highly controversial, imaginary "handbook/guide" for any with determination enough to combat EVIL with an exclusively GOOD-doing life is, I’m "told," intended as a primer for a single-gendered species of female sentient beings (or the surviving half of a previously 2-gendered race), who somehow know of it and are awaiting its completion. Supposedly, to be in time for their exodus to a pristine planet where they will be enabled, with this Guide’s help (how acquired, I’ve no idea!), to establish a way of life that EVIL cannot taint. Suspend your disbelief for a bit and see what a peaceful world could be like, if single-genered humans of the female persuasion were running it. Love and hugs, maïa

8 Vedic Dharma 5th Edition

Vedic Dharma 5th Edition

Arun J. Mehta | Self-Improvement


Mother Earth is going through a very difficult time with wide spread hunger, epidemic killing millions, weapons of mass destruction ready to be fired, wild fires, drought, mass migration of desperate people, religious fanaticism, incompetent & selfish leaders, etc., etc. Ancient Wisdom of India on ‘How to Become a Noble Citizen of the World’ is what I Wish I had learnt while in School. Védic Dharma is a set of recommendations of many wise men & women (Rishis) developed over the centuries on ‘how to live one’s life’ that will hold together and support the whole society. This noble ‘way of life’ is good for the entire eco-system and will bring peace within individuals, communities & countries and lead to progress and prosperity for all.

9 Mumpa - Lessons in Management I Learned From Mom

Mumpa - Lessons in Management I Learned From Mom

Amyth Banerjee | Self-Improvement


Mumpa is the first ebook in the GLAD Series (Gratitude, Learning And Delight). As the series title suggests it is a summary of learnings & significant lessons in life as observed from the people close to the author. The author dedicates this book to his mother (who he calls Mumpa) and leads us through her inspiring journey as a teacher from which we all can learn some important lessons in management & leadership.

10 A Family of Three

A Family of Three

Rosina S Khan | Short Stories


This book is about a family of three that undergoes hardships to maintain stability and make ends meet. How this family survives and thrives starting from a rural area and finally to the city is amazing. The mother of the family takes giant leaps and the daughter, Tina, learning from her mother, takes even greater strides in life, towards a life of growth, fulfillment and happiness. So how does Tina manage it all so brilliantly? This story is about her and her families of three- both original and her own. Wouldn’t you like to know more? Interested? Go ahead- hit the download button!!

11 Democracy an American Novel

Democracy an American Novel

Henry Adams | Drama Classics


First published anonymously in 1880, the mother of all (American) political novels is the story of Madeleine Lee, a young widow who comes to Washington, DC, to understand the workings of government.

12 Sing The Blues

Sing The Blues

Tina Collins | Horror-Gothic


From the offbeat mind of Tina Collins, Sing The Blues is an assortment of horrific accounts of fictional beasts and demons. These stories are not told with a sense of goodwill or pleasure. This is true horror; the kind of lives you wouldn't even wish on your mother-in-law.

13 The Curtain Twitchers

The Curtain Twitchers

Ina Disguise | Flash Fiction


Jessie and Aggie are sisters. They like to interfere with other people. A touching moment in the lives of Moira and their mother as they stagger on regardless.

14 The Viking

The Viking

Marti Talbott | Romance


At not quite fifteen, Stefan’s father finally let him board the longship Sja Vinna to take part in his first Viking raid. Yet, the battle was not at all what he expected, and he soon found himself alone and stranded in Scotland. Thirteen-year-old Kannak’s problem was just as grave. Her father deserted them and the only way to survive, she decided, was to take a husband over her mother‘s objections. Suddenly she was helping a hated Viking escape. Could Kannak successfully hide a Viking in the middle of a Scottish Clan? And why was someone plotting to kill the clan's beloved laird?

15 An Idea Is the Mother of Invention

An Idea Is the Mother of Invention

Ant Anant Aggarwal | Computer & Internet


This eBook, "An Idea Is The Mother Of Invention" is a collection of ideas based on technology. All thought of and authored by myself. If you are into technology, you will thoroughly enjoy this stuff.

16 The Tales of Mother Goose

The Tales of Mother Goose

Charles Perrault | Children's Classics


The classic book, The Tales of Mother Goose, by Charles Perrault .

17 Milady Disdain

Milady Disdain

Marianne Malthouse | Romance


The necessity of leaving the only home she had ever known was daunting so soon after the death of her beloved mother, but the new life she was about to embark upon was to prove both exciting and challenging to Patience Kilpatrick. Daughter of a father who had abandoned his family to fight and die for Bonnie Prince Charlie at the Battle of Culloden, and grand-daughter of the Earl who had given his life in the earlier Stuart cause, she had lived a life far beneath her station, and was happy to become governess to the young son of Milady Costain. Her growing confidence in herself, and the twists and turns her life takes as she becomes embroiled in the fortunes of her contemporaries in the glittering world of London's aristocracy leads her into a future she could only have dreamed of.

18 Compassion


Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad | General Non Fiction


This is a book of stories in poetic form that open my heart, seal my soul and mend my world. This is a tribute to my wifeSaroj Kumari Prasad who was born on 15 August 1940 and lived as a brilliant student, devoted wife, loving mother, beloved grandmother, dedicated community worker, faithful friend and a sentient human being until 14 March 2013.

19 Eccentric Aunt Anna

Eccentric Aunt Anna

Rosina S Khan | Short Stories


This story is about the struggling lives of two lovely girls who were reared and brought up under the love and care of a woman named Anna who was an Aunt to the elder girl, Lucy and a real Mother to the younger girl, Liz. How are the two girls’ lives struggling? Do they manage to cope with all of it? How is Aunt Anna eccentric as the book title says? Interested? Hit the download button now!!

20 The Sparkle in Her Eyes Plus Six More Short Stories

The Sparkle in Her Eyes Plus Six More Short Stories

Aileen Friedman | Short Stories


The devastating disease, Alzheimer's, that ravaged her mother, left the author, Aileen Friedman, inspired to share her emotional roller coaster ride. A heartfelt and non-fictional short story told from the depths of her heart also includes humorous encounters with other residents of the home in which her mother spent her remaining days. Included are six more short stories, all designed to encourage and inspire the reader.