Best Books 2020 so far!

April 6, 2020

Your reading list is about to get longer. Check out the Best fiction and non-fiction Books of 2020 so far below, and make sure to share your favorite titles with your friends. Enjoy!

1 Wormwood


John Ivan Coby | Sci-fi Fantasy


The novel WORMWOOD, by John I Coby, is a narrative of the times before, during and after a catastrophic, extinction-level event (ELE) caused by the impact of a rogue comet with Earth. It tells tales of Earthlings and Aliens negotiating through a Biblical event, through a mass extinction. The only kind of future that can be predicted by anyone is one with mathematical certainty - for example, the orbit of a comet. A gargantuan comet hurtles through interstellar space on its elliptical trajectory towards an extinction-level impact with Earth. The Aliens have known about it for over 6000 years. Adam is unknowingly chosen, by the Aliens, for relocation as part of a grand plan to save the Earth's species from certain extinction. WORMWOOD is a re-edited compilation of 2023, 2023.2 and 2123.

2 Romancing The Wife

Romancing The Wife

Zin Murphy | Humor


Frank Feydeau is the new Vice Coordinator of the United Nation International Romance Office, based in Italy. When it comes to love, he only has eyes for his wife Betty, who refuses to leave New Orleans and join him. To get posted there, Frank must win an important contract for Uniro. He has 5 weeks. Suspecting that his wife is falling under the spell of the big boss in New Orleans, Frank moves heaven and earth to do so. Can he overcome the machinations of local politicians, freemasons, film-makers, and his own staff to get reunited with his beloved Betty? Will Romance flourish and multiply in the world? Read this gentle satire for laughs and insights into human behaviour on the way to finding the answers.

3 A Diet To Kill For

A Diet To Kill For

Bryan Murphy | Drama


A riveting tale of a not-so-distant future in which what you eat is who you are. And loyalty depends on sharing or refusing to share, blood. Literally. Dark Future, good reading.

4 Four Men

Four Men

Terry Morgan | Humor


A humorous and satirical tale of four white, middle-aged men struggling with women and other frustrations of modern life and deciding that it’s time to fight back.

5 Sam II

Sam II

Alina Udrea | Short Stories


Join Sam in her search for home and see what other adventures await her. Hope the reader will enjoy my little work. You can also leave a comment with your opinion. Thank you.

6 The Necklace: The Dusky Club, June 1962

The Necklace: The Dusky Club, June 1962

Linda S. Rice | Romance


What if you could travel back into the past to meet the man of your dreams at a time when it would be possible for him to fall in love with you?Susan does just that after meeting two mystical ladies from Haiti while on a cruise, who send her back to the year 1962 in her 17-year-old body where she meets James, age 20, the man she has loved for over 50 years. But much to her consternation, Susan’s 17-year-old hormones begin to play havoc with her 62-year-old brain, tempting her towards a relationship with James that she’s not really certain she wants. Will James end up to be the paragon Susan’s always thought him to be? Or, will she learn that sometimes when a dream comes true, that it’s not quite what you expected?

7 Yesterdays People

Yesterdays People

Gail Gibson | Educational


Retirement -the ultimate journey can be disastrous or amazing. Retirement means you become a yesterdays people, often the relevance of the tomorrow is lost. This book shows how yesterdays people can earn their wings to become today's butterflies.In this book you will see cameos of people who generously shared their stories of how they made the transition into the butterfly. We will discuss the nitty-gritty of retirement before it happens, when it happens and after it has happened. Written by a top financial professional, who has dealt with retrenchment and retirement and is a qualified counselor, the book gives easily understood advice, guidance and explores those forbidden areas of divorce, abuse and death.

8 2020: Year Of Stupidity

2020: Year Of Stupidity

Santosh Jha | Self-Improvement


With un-ashamed, un-hypocritical celebration of elemental-pervasive stupidity of humanity in 2020, to wash guilt out of its admittance, this eBook decodes how stupidity-hypocrisy is embedded in design of Reality, its perception; deciphering nine top stupidities everyone indulges in yet nobody feels, accepts. Strategies to fix them have also been detailed. Join the festivity; rejoice good riddance. The nine super stupidities enumerated in holistic details in this eBook are in the domains of reality, self, the purpose of life, happiness, love & relationships, sexuality, divinity & religion, politics & governance, loneliness, and health & wellness. The celebration of 2020 as the Year of Stupidity is a symbolic gesture to dump ‘conscientious stupidities’ and start a new journey. You are invited…

9 Murder Most Stupid

Murder Most Stupid

David Brooklyn | Mystery


Deep amongst the mountains of an unidentified European state, in a grand hotel snowed in by the sneering elements, in some unspecified epoch of the past, a master detective finds his transcendently brilliant attempts to identify a murderer frustrated by unappreciative, stupid guests and staff.

10 Dwellers In The Shadows

Dwellers In The Shadows

Thomas P. Tiernan | Short Stories


Put your feet up and take a little walk into the darker side of Life. Here you find a small collection of stories designed to send a chill up your spine as you check to make sure all of the doors are locked. A word or two of warning. There are Monsters about, and they don't like to be disturbed. be careful as you read about them and be happy you don't live anywhere near them. For starters, there's the less than perfect family in "Snoogs," in which we find a husband finding a unique way to deal with a new wife who's not working out to his expectations. A father tells his youngest daughter why they don't go out after sundown in "In The Teeth Of The Night." A severe drought on a hot day brings a man face to face with something deadly in "And Not A Drop To Drink." Enjoy!

11 Everywhere There's a Sunrise, Let's Tell the Good News

Everywhere There's a Sunrise, Let's Tell the Good News

Linda L. Linn | Romance


This novel is an inspirational romance with many Christian ideals. Bad news comes to Pine City, and halts a courtship that is just getting a good start. Can these two young people trust God for the outcome? How long will they be separated and what questions might result? Come spend some time in Pine City, and find out what happens.

12 Through The Storm

Through The Storm

Sherif Guirguis | Sci-fi Fantasy


Agartha, Inner Earth, the 12th century. Rowida is a young woman with grand dreams, on a path that would touch two worlds, and span one hundred years. Punished and Banished from her world to ours, Rowida kidnaps a child, bonds to a demonic being, and becomes one with the soul of a Dragon, just to get back at those who tormented her. Once back, she raises an army the Inner Earth had never seen the likes of and starts the first global war. Thousands of lives are lost, nations and races cease to exist, but Rowida has just begun a far longer story. Now, the fate of two worlds rests on the shoulders of a few unsuspecting souls.

13 Cruising the South

Cruising the South

K J Tesar | Fiction


The road trip is on! It’s the early 80s, and two good friends, Matt and Sandy, decide to head off around New Zealand’s South Island in a battered old van. They are accompanied on their journey with a ready supply of humour, if not by much money. That humorous take on things definitely comes in handy, as along the way they get themselves into plenty of trouble, both by their own doing, and by just sheer bad luck. The absolute beauty of the places they visit is in sharp contrast to some of the people they meet, and to some of the misguided situations they find themselves in. Notwithstanding more than a touch of occasional danger and general mishaps, they never lose their great appreciation of humour, which always, somehow, manages to help them sort things out.

14 Randomness


Iris H | Fiction


Random creative short writings about life. Random thoughts for people to ponder.  

15 Life and Sentience

Life and Sentience

Richard Clark | Self-Improvement


Let’s take a journey together, all of us, back to the start of our sun igniting when all the energy of what became physical life on Earth started to be released, as hydrogen melted and burned. Previous Life and Sentience came rushing through the sun under great pressure igniting the sun, releasing its energy, with Sentience then streaming away from the sun in all directions. Visualize yourself there at this beginning, each and every one of us, everything that will become physical life, unified and undivided with nothing between us, about to embark on a fantastic journey leading to life on Earth.

16 A Shortcut to Success

A Shortcut to Success

Bob Huttinga PA-C | Self-Improvement


Success is defined as the achievement of a worthwhile goal. Find what stops you from achieving your goals and learn how to fix that. Learn how to set goals in the areas of Relationships, Career, Recreation, Health, and Money. Learn how to think correctly from the future to create ideal outcomes.

17 Goodbye, Padania

Goodbye, Padania

Bryan Murphy | Drama


A young woman strives to break free of her grim past and avoid a bloody future. Amid the death agonies of a pariah state, Daria Rigoletti transforms herself from contract killer to people-smuggler to cult leader, but circumstances combine against her attempts to break free of violence. Will the mysterious Mercurio help her – if she doesn’t kill him first? Can anyone else reignite her human feelings and her passion for love and life?

18 The Ritual

The Ritual

Ryan Pitterle | Sci-fi Fantasy


The Ritual was a boy's right of passage and his sacred responsibility. At seventeen, he was expected to travel into the mountains where lost souls waited for redemption. He would be joined with a spirit and the two would begin a journey to achieve peaceful co-existence. Corvan's secret forbade him from the Ritual, but he refused to let that stop him. As he prepared to meet his symbiont, he knew something was terribly wrong. The ensuing journey would last him a lifetime and require of him things he wasn't willing to do... yet.

19 Death In Love

Death In Love

Zin Murphy | Drama


A compelling story of everyday death, life and love in a time of war.

20 The Problem with Sylvestrina

The Problem with Sylvestrina

Drake Koefoed | Fiction


It all starts when a commercial fishing boat comes to rescue a sinking sailboat. It's a heck of a way to meet women, but it works. But then there is a problem. Why was the sailboat there, and who are these people, especially Sylvestrina? Sometimes the more you find out, the less you know. Or maybe the more you don't know.

21 In Love and Law

In Love and Law

Drake Koefoed | Fiction


Criminal defense attorney and former Marine Rifle Company Commander Dave Cale is dealing cases with his old law school friend, Assistant District Attorney Chrissie Jasmine, when he realizes their interest in each other might be something more than friendship. The problem is, the District Attorney, ‘Doug the Thug’ might well fire her and destroy her career if he finds out they are dating. Meanwhile, a former criminal client, a pretty young lady, Marie, has decided Dave should be hers. Her lack of judgment has gotten her in trouble before, and may well do so again. A radical lawyer, “Nat the Wrat” has a proposition for Dave. So does the Chief of Detectives, Melvin Wright. As if this all was not enough, Dave is revisited by supermodel Marcie Della, who began her career in front of Dave’s camera at 16, modeling ‘back to school’ and ‘juniors swimwear’ for department store Sunday supplements. She has an agenda of her own. To call Marcie Della ambitious is like calling the ocean wet.

22 Take Back Your Power NOW! - with Vanessa Simpkins

Take Back Your Power NOW! - with Vanessa Simpkins

Vanessa Simpkins | Self-Improvement


I ’ve been helping NEW and seasoned coaches, consultants, healers, authors, speakers and services providers skyrocket their confidence and cash flow for the last 10 years WITHOUT a fancy pants website, big email list or being a big guru.

23 Let's Get Started: Money Management 101

Let's Get Started: Money Management 101

Joseph Dillard | Self-Improvement


Many of us were never taught how to manage money. As a result, we struggle with money. We spend more than we earn. We feel like we are buried in debt. And savings seems like an unattainable dream. I know because I have been there. If you want to learn how to manage your money or you would like some tips to reach your financial goals, this eBook is for you! My eBook will give you information to help you to start winning the Money Game. Winning means more money for you. Please download it and tell others about it so they can get their copy too! It's definitely worth having and worth sharing. Get your copy today! Start dreaming again! Let's Get Started!

24 The Dome City

The Dome City

Nichole Haines | Sci-fi Fantasy


THE BEST SCIENCE FICTION BOOK OF 2018! “What year are we in?” asked Jane. Bato replied and said “We are in the year 3030 Jane. As Jane sat there confused she couldn’t remember clearly, but she remembered it being the year 2018 before ending up in this strange place. She then asked Bato another curious but forbidden question. “Why am I here? LessRATED THE BEST SCIENCE FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR! Jane’s job description flashed in front of her face as a doorway manifested itself just ahead in the wall. Entering she found herself in the middle of a lobby with a huge hundred-foot clear glass holographic triangle right at its center, just above it, written in Gold, were the imposing words: The Dome City. A futuristic train system ran throughout the entire matrix, powered entirely by LUMKA

25 Financial Terms Dictionary - 100 Most Popular Financial Terms Explained

Financial Terms Dictionary - 100 Most Popular Financial Terms Explained

Thomas Herold | Business


Understand Financial Terms - Make Better Financial DecisionsNew 2019 updated edition with description for crypto-currency terms Bitcoin and Ethereum. This practical financial dictionary helps you understand and comprehend more than 100 most common financial terms. It was written with an emphasis to quickly grasp the context without using jargon.Every financial term is explained in detail and includes also examples. It is based on common usage as practiced by financial professionals.This Practical Financial 101 Guide Helps You Understand:• Credit Report & Credit Scores• Retirement Planning & Funding• Mortgage & Real Estate• Stocks & Investment Methods• Income & Taxes• Liabilities & Assets

26 Saydin Mak Doom (The Pentarchy of Solarian: Book #1)

Saydin Mak Doom (The Pentarchy of Solarian: Book #1)

W.D.Worth | Sci-fi Fantasy


Ryder Talisman is resurrected from an underground tomb a millennium after a giant meteor destroys Earth's civilization. An intergalactic federation, 'The Pentarchy of Solarian' has risen in its place. He discovers he has become the focal point of a quasi-religious creed, destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy, yet he has no memory of his past life or his purpose. Thus begins his quest for understanding in an empire on the verge of civil war.

27 The Camel King

The Camel King

Sir Maximus Basco | Youth


The Camel King - Explore this fantastic book and travel aboard the English ship the Castle One as the children Peter and Sarah embark in a serendipitous trip to Egypt. When the children are kidnapped by desert thieves, the White Talking Camel that roams the desert comes to rescue the siblings helping them to escape. The children's desert adventure takes them to the great pyramids of Giza. From there the children seek the magic door and seek to escape from the king of Egypt wanting the talking camel for his kingdom. The children and the White Talking Camel, a king from another world, must find the door for the camel to return to his own home while the children must find their parents too for a happy ending.

28 Far Side of the Shadow Screen

Far Side of the Shadow Screen

M. Thomas Champion | Sci-fi Fantasy


My name is Peter Grant. I didn’t start out to save the world, it just sort of happened. I only wanted to win back the love of the woman who broke up with me. She was chosen to work on this anthropological expedition to Bali; an excellent place to rekindle the magic of romance. I more or less invited myself along. That wasn’t the kind of magic I found. While Gayle, my ex-, was working on her tan beside a Balinese lagoon; I was chasing down headhunters in the jungles of Irian Jaya. She made the cocktail party circuit. I buried the last King of the Torajan. And while the lovely Ms. O’Conner got engaged to the Major Domo Demon of the Underworld, I became the sorcerer’s apprentice. So you tell me, how’s a guy suppose to win a woman’s heart if he can’t spend any quality time with her?

29 Indemnify


Blake Steidler (Bob) | Fiction


It's a case like no other. Meddling, Meddling, Meddling. A determined trucker has to go through great lengths to have his voice heard in a courtroom. With an antipathy towards lawyers, Blake (AKA Bob) realizes the only way to chase the money the trucking industry has pilfered from him over the years is to learn the legal system and do the work prose. Copies, ink cartridges, certified mail. Bob is determined to go all the way. One night Blake (Bob) gets a terrifying dream where a mysterious man dances out onto the courtroom just seconds before entire case is about to go south. "Are you going to indemnify him! Are you going to indemnify him!" Shouts the mystery man holding a juris doctorate degree. He can't see the face of the man in the dream but recognizes the uncanny persuasive voice.

30 The Desert Surfer

The Desert Surfer

M. Thomas Champion | Humor


Did I ask to be born? Did I ask to be middle class? Did I ask my girlfriend to introduce me to marijuana? Well, okay, maybe yes on that last one. But I did not ask to have the Mafia, a Mexican drug lord, an Amish hit man, and the Hollywood Screen Actor's Guild all trying to kill me while I smuggle two illegal aliens across the border with a 1,000 pounds of grass in my trunk. That just sort of happened. Karma, right?

31 You Saved Me Once

You Saved Me Once

Amelia E. S. | Romance


book trailer here: Loving someone can make you so fucking happy, and make you cry at the same time. It can ruin you, if you let it consume you. But, what if there's no other way, what if it's destined. Written in the cold air, in the pouring rain, in the waves. What if it's meant to be, no matter what? You save each other, by destroying one another.Even if it's forbidden? What would you do? Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. I'm Alex Richards, a senior in high school. I live in Versa, a small town in WA. It's tucked away from the outside world, it's on a coast, it's beautiful. So is this story, it's beautifully tragic. You're about to dive into some serious fucking heartbreak, are you ready?

32 The Teaching Millionaire: How Anyone Can Teach Online & Earn Money

The Teaching Millionaire: How Anyone Can Teach Online & Earn Money

TeachRightNow | Career


Turn your laptop or home computer into a money-making machine...Do you want to make money online? Do you want to work from home or any place you chose to? Do you want to quit your 9 to 5? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this book is for you. With The Teaching Millionaire guide, you'll discover How Anyone Can Teach Online and Earn Money. Whether you are new to teaching or a seasoned teacher, this valuable book will give you the tools, strategies, and techniques to help you get started with lucrative opportunities.

33 The Path of Splitness

The Path of Splitness

Indrek Pringi | History


The Path of Splitness is a major non-fiction work that will rock the scientific world It is 2,766 pages: This is the latest revised version. The book analyzes and explains the basic pre-history of the Universe and how it came into being, the basic Dynamics which created Life, the basic pre-history of humans and the History of the Human Species in one book. The book covers: Where the Universe came from. How the Universe came into being. Basic Dynamics of the Universe and Life. How and Why we evolved into Modern Humans The Universal Dynamics of Human Psycho-biology. How and Why civilization began and more...

34 Eye Of A Doughboy: 28 Grams

Eye Of A Doughboy: 28 Grams

ExcuseMe Legend aka Doughboy Wee | Drama


Jamal, the neighborhood drug dealer, took 28 grams of dog food and built himself an EMPIRE! He hoped to never look back... Sounds like a plan, but that plan comes to an abrupt halt when the FEDS show up at his doorstep. The FEDS came to him bringing up troubling events from Jamal's past...Murders and drug deals look even worse when caught on tape!But, that's not the only problem Jamal is facing.For Jamal, death always seems to be parked right around the corner. He tries his best to stay a step ahead. Twists and turns make it hard for Jamal to stay focused, so hard that the FEDS and their tapes become the least of Jamal's problems!

35 Why I killed myself

Why I killed myself

Anne Adefesobi | Fiction


I trusted. I screamed. I pleaded. I was in pain. I called for help. I was all alone I was in pain all alone. I looked at the darkness that surrounded me and wondered if it leveled up to the darkness that lived in me. I wanted peace. I wanted to rest. I had no power on my life any longer because baby Joan was now the one controlling every second of it. Digesting in the darkness that surrounded me for the last time, I silently told Mom how sorry I was and struggled until the life was drained out of me.

36 The Re-education of Senator X

The Re-education of Senator X

C.L. Wells | Mystery


Waking up in a strange place with a pounding headache was soon to be the least of Senator Xavier Sanford's problems. When the place turned out to be a windowless room that he couldn't leave, that point became clear. Someone had decided to teach the Senator a lesson....a poignant psychological thriller from author C.L. Wells about love, gun violence, revenge, and redemption.

37 United States Space Corps

United States Space Corps

Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


1973 ‘C’: General Ingrid Dows, the commander of the newly formed United States Space Corps, has just returned from a two-year mission to Mars and is now working hard to shape her new command and continue to lead the American space program. While a few Earth-bound crises will also occupy her, she will prepare the United States for its next big adventure in Space: a manned return exploration mission to Jupiter and Saturn. What will its crew discover during such a journey?

38 Black Holes And Beyond

Black Holes And Beyond

Werner Br├╝ckner | Science Textbooks


Black Holes are one of the most fascinating subjects in Astrophysics. They are at the center of research and are of great importance in cosmology. The reader will experience the latest state of knowledge including the newest discovery of a black hole in the center of the Milky Way.

39 Lighthouse of the Netherworlds

Lighthouse of the Netherworlds

Maxwell N. Andrews | Sci-fi Fantasy


With the long summer school holidays coming to an end, Rachel Cook's days are filled with hordes of homework and little time for boredom. But on an unusually hot and sticky Wednesday morning, her uneventful school break comes to a shuddering stop: an innocent trip to the park leaves her with more questions than answers about her family's past. As her parents' finances plummet towards the poverty line and beyond, the Cooks end up living high above an insignificant seaside town, in a creaky tree-house with a leaky loft. Rachel makes new friends when she rekindles an old one, and together they grapple the odd goings-on around the town of Lower-Inkcome-by-the-sea.

40 Appreciate the Little Things - The #1 Rule of Happiness

Appreciate the Little Things - The #1 Rule of Happiness

Jeremiah Say | Self-Improvement


People spend their days worrying and thinking about the big things: acing that big test, getting that big salaried job, going on that big date. They fail to notice the sweet little things that make life so special. The bird that is warbling in the tree branch outside of your office window is a call to enjoy the prettiness of Nature rather than the stress of work, yet you probably do not take the time to notice it because you just have to get your proposal done for your demanding boss. Sponsored by:

41 The Greatest Teacher In The World!

The Greatest Teacher In The World!

Umar Saeed Iqbal | Self-Improvement


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. If we’ve been fortunate, there was a teacher in our life who chose to believe in us even when the entire world wouldn’t. They focused on what we could become, instead of who we were at that point in time. Most importantly, they had an unshakable belief in our potential for personal greatness and the power of the human spirit. The Greatest Teacher in the World is a testament to their patience and persistence. For those of us who weren’t so fortunate, you will find comfort in knowing about a teacher that cares deeply about you. She believes in you more than you believe in yourself. In the lessons of the 63-year-old Professor Izmir, you will discover what it means to have a life of meaning and purpose.

42 Family & Home Pandemic Prepared (Coronavirus nCoV-2019, Covid-19, Wuhan Flu) ness

Family & Home Pandemic Prepared (Coronavirus nCoV-2019, Covid-19, Wuhan Flu) ness

Lynn Jack | Reference


The Family & Home Pandemic Preparedness guide outlines actionable steps with checklists to prepare for possibilities of a widespread pandemic (like the Coronavirus nCoV-2019, Covid-19). The book tells you and how to protect your family if this becomes a worst-case scenario. With a Pandemic, voluntary and mandatory quarantines are quite likely. This means you may not be able to leave your home for weeks. Worse, if the situation gets bad enough: Utilities such as water and electricity might fail, Transportation might be banned, Hospitals and the Medical System may be overwhelmed or unavailable, Fuel, food, water, pharmacy and other supplies may not be available, You or your family members may get sick and unable to care for yourselves.

43 The End Of Philosophy - Tales Of Reality

The End Of Philosophy - Tales Of Reality

Jan Strepanov | Philosophy


Critical of the very act of thinking, The End Of Philosophy goes full circle from nihilistic desperation to farcical comedy. Twelve chapters dismantle everything you thought you ever knew – three others help you laugh at the resulting dilemma. A nonetheless serious theme is that we humans must transcend our current thought paradigms if we are not to prove too clever for our own good.

44 The Healing of Lust- No Going Back

The Healing of Lust- No Going Back

Danielle W Batts | Erotica


No going back is the first book in the series: The Healing of Lust by Danielle W Batts. It comprises of a selection of short, erotic, sexually explicit scenes, coupled with intrigue and wit. Nick is a hot-blooded young man, born in the early sixties. There was no going back when at the age of just eighteen he experienced his first sexual encounter with Wendy, a well-endowed girl with a shared passion for sex. Thanks to Wendy's guidance Nick soon learns the wrong and the right way to bring a girl to her happy place. Equipped with these new seductive skills follow Nick’s exploits through some compromising situations as he leaves his adolescent years behind him and fucks his way to adulthood.