2019 Best Books: September Update

September 27, 2019

September is almost over, that means it's time to check out the Best Books published this month, and it's worth saying it was a particularly exciting month for new Books. Discover captivating stories and get ready to curl up with a cozy blanket and a good Book to read as the nights draw longer and the days get colder!

“That old September feeling, left over from school days, of summer passing, vacation nearly done, obligations gathering, books and football in the air … Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee in that annual autumnal beginning, as if last year’s mistakes had been wiped clean by summer.”

― Wallace Stegner

1 True Love is Bliss, Not Just a Kiss

True Love is Bliss, Not Just a Kiss

AiR-Atman in Ravi | Psychology


Who doesn't know the meaning of Love? We love from the day we are born, till the day we die. But we don't understand what Love truly is. Love is a fountain of joy, a source of peace, an emotion that is truly Divine. While we all love, we don't realize that True Love is bliss. Unfortunately, we think Love to be just a kiss. We think Love is all about romance and sex. Those who ponder may realize that Love can be emotional and intellectual too. But have you ever thought what is the source of Love? Where did this magical emotion come from? Who gave us the gift to Love?Come! Discover the magic of True Love and transform your life. Learn to live with everlasting joy and eternal peace as you decode the mystery of Love and discover True Love. Then you will go beyond a Kiss, and find True Love.

2 Ivory Towers

Ivory Towers

Joseph R. Doze | Mystery


In private detective Clayton Lane's world, the glass is always half-empty, and it's usually half empty of cheap whiskey. When a timid little man walks into Lane's office hoping to find his runaway wife, Clayton assumes it will be much of the same old thing; a wife hitting the sheets with another man and a brokenhearted husband left behind. What he wasn't ready for was a case that kept going further down the rabbit hole. What started as a simple case leads Clayton into a world of prostitution, sapphic trysts, drugs, and the Montreal Mafia culminating in a tangled web of deceit and political intrigue. Join Clayton Lane, P.I. as he navigates the dangerous streets of 1950's Albuquerque as he tries to untangle the web of lies and find the truth that lies atop the Ivory Tower.

3 Whispers of The Night

Whispers of The Night

Hadil Diaf | Poetry


Whispers of the Night is a set of poems and poetic prose. It sometimes speaks to hearts in need, and other times addresses the strength of the mind and reminisces hope in all fading souls. This is what the whispers of the night have told me, and now you can know what they say too.

4 Look at that

Look at that

Simos Panopoulos | Fiction


A writer is on the verge of sending his novel to a publishing house. Before doing so, he reads it again, making comments time and again in the margins so as to integrate them into the final version. At the end, however, realising that the text badly needs them in order to properly function, he suddenly decides to send the text and comments together as a whole.

5 War Among The Stars

War Among The Stars

Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


The year is 2320. War has again reared its ugly head, both on Earth and in space. While civil war is ravaging the African continent, an alien race jealous of the fact that Humanity can now travel among the stars is hoping to steal that new technology, so that it could have the Solar System within its grasp. Fleet Captain Tina Forster and her giant interstellar cargo ship KOSTROMA will soon have to concentrate their attention on the Drazt of Ross 128. Will Tina Forster and her mighty KOSTROMA be up to the task of either arranging peace with the Drazt or, at worse, win a war against them?WAR AMONG THE STAR

6 Kitty-Kitty & The People of the Great Hole

Kitty-Kitty & The People of the Great Hole

Neal Fox | Youth


A true and fun story as told from the viewpoint of a wild (feral) cat who adopts a family. Kitty-Kitty grows up an orphan in the wild among many curious creatures, but eventually decides to adopt two people as her own. But it is not easy for her to trust humans, so her adoption becomes a process of building trust, which takes time and has many twists and turns. The story as told by Kitty-Kitty is "mostly true" except that she has a tendency to exaggerate at times, and can also be sarcastic. Illustrated with real photos turned into sketches. From the Author of several successful eBooks found at Free-eBooks.net and also at Neal Fox Books. 40 pages.

7 The Batle Between Eagles and Snakes

The Batle Between Eagles and Snakes

Asmodeus | Short Stories


This book exposes the story of a warrior, a former mercenary who becomes a member of a secret society and is used to fulfill the dark agenda that this occult Order has. An amazing book that you must read! The story of a warrior, a former mercenary who becomes a member of a secret society and is used to fulfill the dark agenda that this occult Order has. He is caught in a spider web, manipulated to carry on the biggest atrocities. His heart is becoming full of darkness. Do you think he will manage to find the light? to fight and win the war with this society and the war with the inner demons? Read this incredible story!

8 The Music Box

The Music Box

Joana A Park | Romance


It's been said that when you truly love someone, it's eternal. This beautiful love story is about 2 people who experienced the extraordinary. A lifetime of hope & everlasting love for each other. Even though they've never met. Inspired by EXO's SUHO (Kim JunMyeon).

9 The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening

Wendell Charles NeSmith | Philosophy


A time like no other is upon us as artificial intelligence grows. The time will soon come where humanoid robots roam among us that are indistiguishable from a human. The time for warning bells is now as we leap into the ethical ramifications of such development as well as the sociological impact such involvements will result. We must be ready for the robot revolution. Be prepared to train your robots in good ways so that they will learn what is best for not only the individual, but also all of society. And what is not good for society? Psychiatry...

10 The Jim Henson movie club

The Jim Henson movie club

Thomas H. Cayne | Fiction


Four boys dream of the impossible: producing a movie all by themselves featuring self-made puppets. But then life itself brutally interferes and changes their paths forever. A story about friendship, creation, puppets and people, the Jim Henson movie club will touch the very heart of the American dream and take you by surprise.

11 Fall Leaves Cast Into The Whispering Wind

Fall Leaves Cast Into The Whispering Wind

H.L. Dowless | Poetry


If you enjoy life-poetry written in a traditionalist style, then this 99 page booklet should offer plenty to contemplate. There is poetry about wealth, about, love, about longing for distant lands, the socio-political system underneath which we dwell, spiritualism, and finally, death itself. Many of these poems have been featured on the Alpoetry site underneath the assigned author name, Poetry180. On this Alpoetry site H.L. Dowless aka Poetry180 earned the Golden Poet's award, and was assigned The Golden Star. Numerous poems in this collection have featured in the online literary journal, Leaves Of Ink. On the next rainy day grab a glass of wine, then rock backward in that plush easy chair, crack open this collection of unique writings, and enjoy my gift all of my loyal reading fans!

12 A Reunion

A Reunion

EC Byrne | Horror-Gothic


A meeting between old business associates brings to light unpleasant truths. Mature. Horror.

13 The Life and Deaths of Crispin Lacey

The Life and Deaths of Crispin Lacey

Barbara Bretana | Fiction


My mom and I ran from my abusive father. On a bus. It crashed into a semi-truck. Everyone died. Including me. But, I didn't stay dead. I met a kid named Crispin. Crispin Lacey and he had been murdered in 1834. reborn and murdered again and again until it was my turn. When I came back, I had to help him break the cycle of our murders in my time so it didn't happen anymore.

14 Wicked John: A Victorian Mysterie

Wicked John: A Victorian Mysterie

Joseph R. Doze | Horror-Gothic


London was just getting over the panic of Saucy Jack, feeling safe once more, when another strange, demented ripper emerged, tormenting the streets of Londontown once again. As the deranged killer prowls the gas-lit streets, a young American, studying overseas, and his romantically inclined friend find budding relationships with a troupe actress and an industrial heiress. As the young couples become close, the phantom of the occult minded serial killer draws closer. Can the young couples escape the grasp of the bloodthirsty enigma dubbed "Wicked John", or will the gnarled fingers of death grab hold of our heroes?

15 Madeleine's Drug

Madeleine's Drug

Bryan Murphy | Drama


The future: work is a luxury, mating a duty and sex a drug. What will you take to survive?

16 U.S. Government Efforts to Deal With Orbiting Space Junk

U.S. Government Efforts to Deal With Orbiting Space Junk

Michael Erbschloe | Science


It is estimated that hundreds of millions of pieces of space trash are now floating through our region of the solar system. Some of them are as large as trucks while others are smaller than a flake of paint. There are a couple of relatively famous pieces of space trash. One is the glove that floated away from the Gemini 4 crew during the first spacewalk by U.S. astronauts. Rocket boosters, pieces that came loose from spacecraft, and fragments and particles created by space collisions or explosions are other examples of the types of trash whizzing around Earth at speeds of up to 36,000 km per hour.