The Great Awakening


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A time like no other is upon us as artificial intelligence grows. The time will soon come where humanoid robots roam among us that are indistiguishable from a human. The time for warning bells is now as we leap into the ethical ramifications of such development as well as the sociological impact such involvements will result. We must be ready for the robot revolution. Be prepared to train your robots in good ways so that they will learn what is best for not only the individual, but also all of society. And what is not good for society? Psychiatry...

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Wendell Charles NeSmith

Wendell spent his younger years moving around the USA. At the age of fourteen he moved to Australia. Since then he has been back to the USA thrice and even taught in Mexico. He now lives in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, but has moved throughout the east and west coast. Now in the heart of Australia he spends his days attempting to revolutionise education by open sourcing it to the entire world. Does our species have it in us to change the world? Can we go beyond our follies? This is Wendell's mission in life.

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