2018 Best Books: July Update

July 27, 2018

Long sunny days of July leave lots of time for reading. Here are our Best Books for July 2018 to make the best of your free time. This reading list will take you far, far away!

Have fun! 

"We shall go wild with fireworks...And they will plunge into the sky and shatter the darkness”

― Natsuki Takaya

1 Escort


Graeme Watson | Fiction


'The more you give, the more you get back in return' was a philosophy Ross lived by. At least as far as women were concerned. He was a one-night stand man, and he was rarely short of female company. After twice being paid for his services with women he would not have chosen himself, but who turned out to be highly satisfying, he sees an advert for male escorts and signs up. Two very different, and unconnected, clients impact him in unexpected ways.

2 A Mars Odyssey

A Mars Odyssey

Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


We are in the year 2041, at a time of increasing climatic disasters on Earth. Temperatures are soaring, sea levels are rising and droughts alternate with floods to make more and more parts of our planet nearly unlivable. Humanity has finally awakened to the reality of global warming, only to face a growing nightmare. In desperation, the most advanced and powerful nations of the World unite their efforts to realize a plan that could provide an alternative home to Humanity: to explore and colonize Mars. That will however take decades of hard work, along with huge amounts of resources and heroic efforts. On November 25, 2043, the Human spaceship H.S.S. FRIENDSHIP boosts out of Earth orbit, heading towards Mars with 145 souls onboard and starting the greatest human adventure ever.

3 Mild Murders

Mild Murders

Serkan Engin | Mystery


Crime novella of Serkan Engin from Turkey. A novella trying to make readers ask ethical questions on crime-justice-amnesty triangle.

4 The Homeworker

The Homeworker

Graeme Watson | Romance


Thirty year-old widower Ray has a young son who he insists will have a normal home life. Fortunately, Ray can work from home, On those ocasions when he has to go to the main offices, he pays a child minder to look after his son. Ray's next door neighbour suggests Ray could save money if he allowed her daughter to babysit for him. It is an arrangement that works well. And has unexpected consequences.

5 North Coast Tales

North Coast Tales

Mike Bozart | Short Stories


The ten (to date) psecret psociety pshort pstories that take place along the North Coast of California are gathered into one e-file for a convenient download. If traveling to, curious about, or living in Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville or vicinity, this volume may appeal to you. All of the stories are chock-full of thoughts, some are somewhat surreal in stretches, most have some suspense; one is downright erotic. Because of that, this is an adults-only offering.Over 25K words in total.

6 Exploring Deep Concepts & Mysteries of the Bible

Exploring Deep Concepts & Mysteries of the Bible

Neal Fox | Religious


Many Bible concepts and subjects are difficult to understand. This book explains subjects such as salvation by faith in Christ, the Trinity, why Jesus taught the way He taught, the soul vs human spirit, what eternity will be like, the Millennium, prayer, and many other deep Bible concepts. It also explains what the Bible calls the "mystery" which was hidden until the Church Age. The more we understand about the deep concepts of the Bible, the more we know God Himself and Jesus Christ our Savior. From the author of "The Future Times".

7 Ghetto Living

Ghetto Living

RA Sebatian | Drama


Law and disorder and more in Milwaukee.

8 Symbols, Myth and Meaning

Symbols, Myth and Meaning

J.J Artemis | Philosophy


A book on Symbols, Myth and Meaning. A philosophical investigation into some thought.

9 Usui Reiki - Hands On Healing (Level 1)

Usui Reiki - Hands On Healing (Level 1)

Love Inspiration | Body & Spirit


Learn everything you need to know about the first level of Usui Reiki with this free online course. This free Reiki ebook is a complete step by step guide to learning Reiki and includes all of the information that you would normally receive in an in-person workshop; including Reiki basics, receiving the attunement, completing the self healing practices and doing Reiki healing sessions for others. The ebook also includes links to video tutorials, a free certificate and much more. We wish you well on your Usui Reiki journey and may you feel much love, light and happiness in your life!

10 Perfect Awakening

Perfect Awakening

Julee | Erotica


The interesting story of Two Friends and their Family. A Wonderful Novel for Adult Readers. I am sure that you will like it, even love it.

11 Church(ish)


Andrew Paul Cannon | Religious


The story is too familiar. You visit a church and everyone is nice, but no one seems to truly care. The people wear masks of righteousness only to, after you have committed yourself, remove those masks to reveal the face of a horrid witch-like creature. Or, perhaps, a different mask is worn: a mask that looks beautiful so that it hides the fact that the people are not worshiping or teaching about a real god; only some god that is created by human hands from tradition or from the popular religious myths of our day or a day in the distant past. Why should I burn my mask and expose my cross?

12 Cartoon


Kari Lynn M. | Fiction


"You know, I like to pretend like I'm in a cartoon." "A cartoon?" He looked back and forth between me and the road ahead as he continued. "Yeah, like I'm in one of those crazy violent video games, or a James Bond movie, or a crazy violent James Bond video game... Or, to categorize all of that... a cartoon."

13 The Last Wild West Town - Whiz Bang City

The Last Wild West Town - Whiz Bang City

Bill Russo | Drama


Forty years after the smoke cleared from the shootout at the OK Corral, Whiz Bang City in Oklahoma still had daily gunfights, train robberies, and the slickest gunfighter/lawman the West has ever seen. Based on real people and events this is the story of Sherriff Don Jose Alvarado and the last Wild West Town, Whiz Bang City.