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Calling All Would-be & Existing Authors 

Our Editor’s picks for the week are in. To download any of these FREE titles, simply click on the image of their covers in the section at the bottom of this newsletter. Plus…

This week we’re calling on all would-be and existing authors with 2 amazing new programs: 

[1] $10k Before Launch: if you ever wanted to write a book, our friend and publisher, Jesse Krieger is going to not only help you get going but to make sure you’re able to earn a healthy income while at it. Best of all, the first modules are free (so you have nothing but a bit of time to lose) and then if you love what is being taught, you can pay whatever you want for the rest of the course. That’s right. Even $1. But we hope you’ll find the info so valuable that you’ll want to contribute a bit more of course 🙂 But that’s totally up to you! Again…

>>> Click Here to Join $10k Before Launch

[2] Win an International Publishing Deal: In response to all the misinformation spreading in a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, I would like to share two-book proposal contests from Publishizer happening right now: Medicate vs. Meditate. Both open to a wide range of non-fiction trade categories and authors from different backgrounds to better help people find and get what they’re looking for. 



The winner of this contest will be the proposal with the most pre-order copies sold in 30 days and is guaranteed an international publishing deal, in-store book promotion, airport placement, distributed in retail bookstores, and high-level manuscript editing and support.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to write in the pitch form as per the screenshot below. Those that do this are eligible for a number of BONUS promotions should you win, so it’s important you do skip this part to max out your potential

Wishing you plenty of time to “Read, Rest and Relax” all week.

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