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PLUS our very smart friend Marisa Murgatroyd has 2 more Freebies for us this week, centering around the secret button that will power more growth! 

Tht’s right, there’s a hidden “button” inside our brain called “The Reward Center”. 

And when this button gets pushed?

The body gets a hit of dopamine (our natural pleasure chemical).

The tech giants in Silicon Valley have known this for years. 

They’ve learned how to push the button at will and it’s WHY apps, games & social media are so addictive. (It’s powerful stuff & they’re making $Billions because of it.)

If you have an online course or training product (or you’re thinking of creating one) then listen up — you can use these exact same techniques for “good” in YOUR business.

Check out this upcoming LIVE workshop (the “Dopamine Button”) to show you how!

You’ll discover:

  • How to quickly & easily turn YOUR knowledge & expertise into the kind of online course that will attract more eyeballs, that people will CRAVE, will massively grow sales & student engagement by 10-30X and sending profits through the roof
  • 3 ways to “sprinkle” fun & motivating dopamine buttons into your online training or course to ethically empower your students to put DOWN Instagram and pick UP your transformational content!
  • A framework to install procrastination-busting, goal smashing, habit forming features into your new or existing online course so that your students enjoy 10-30 times more success than the industry average, which crushes refunds AND skyrockets your most profitable organic referrals

Marisa Murgatroyd has been researching this for years…

… and coming up very shortly she’s going to be jumping on a Zoom for an hour with us to “pull back the curtain” on how she’s not just making her students rich, but people like me too.

That’s right — industry leaders such as Josh Turner, Mary Morrissey and Jon Morrow are profiting handsomely from Marisa’s advice, and if you’re smart, you’ll take advantage of this opportunity.

Reserve Your Seat Here

And Marisa will also send you an advance copy of the 

Course Creators Secret Swipe File for FREE 

This ONE-OFF event is happening October 7th at precisely 1:00 pm Pacific …. 

It won’t happen again, and I’m not even sure there’s going to be a replay.

My advice? Cancel your plans and be there. 

I’ve never seen anything like this, and it will transform your business.

We guarantee it.

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