Your Chance to be an Award Winning Author…

What would it mean to the success of your ebook if more people knew about it? Imagine being recognized as an Awarding Winning Author! How exciting is that!? And how important could that be in your career as an Author?

There are many awards for Authors and you can reap the benefits of being one of them! The Global eBook Awards are accepting submissions from now until June 30th, 2011 (midnight Pacific Time)

Imagine being able to put one of those fancy “gold stickers” on your book that lets everyone else know that you’ve been recognized in your industry. How about adding “Award Winning Author” to your business card?

Symbols such as these immediately allow you to rise above all the ‘noise’ out there and be identified as distinguished in your field. Rather than simply posting your book and praying that someday someone will find it, tell their friends about it, and eventually get people excited about your work… this is the slow, wishful, way to go about getting your work out to the masses.

One of the ways to speed up the process and is to get more publicity and being in the spotlight puts you on the fast track! Winning an award such as the Global eBook Awards would put you and your work front and centre stage creating a buzz that is difficult to create on your own.

Find out how you can submit your eBook here.


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