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A few weeks back, we did a series of meme images for writers. Today I am going to regale you with a few for readers…

I think … no, I know that readers tend to have a more forgiving sense of humour than just about anybody else; at least in my experience. When I ponder how I can get about books and reading, I have to giggle to myself. I can get pretty crazy. Right now, I am looking around my workspace and seeing books lying around everywhere. They’re on the bookshelf, sure. But they’re also on my desk, on the floor beside me, in the corner … and that’s not including the Kindle charging on the desk beside me. I am a true book-aholic – if ever there was one. (I really should tidy my workspace – it looks like a storm wreaked havoc in here.)

If you’re like me, there are far more situations in which you can laugh at yourself and your addiction to books than not. Here are a few I think you might be able to relate to:

‘No, no. Please. Not the bookstore.’

’Who needs more shelf space? Put ‘em on the floor.’

‘Pfft … Chaucer, schmaucer…’

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‘Blessed are thou who … what?’

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‘I don’t do non-readers.’

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Bookworm logic … no seriously

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This is a ‘thing’ … I can attest to that

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Editor needed; enquire within…

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And finally …

I have felt like doing something like this way too often; you?

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