Write Your Book To Help Others

My friend Lisa Tener says that, “most people only write from their passion.” Can you get excited about getting more out of all the effort you put into writing your book?

Lisa goes on to say that for those who only write from their passion and their message are missing out on the greater possibilities of getting your message out to a greater audience and reap more of the rewards that often seem to be overlooked by Authors.

Many authors confess that they didn’t do it for the money. Buy why wouldn’t you reap the full rewards of your hard work? Remaining in the realm of the struggling artist constricts your ability to fully deliver your message to the masses. Imagine what it would be like to have a greater impact, help even more people, to use your success and the money that would be available to you to make that positive change!

Sound great? Don’t know how to accomplish that? It’s always best to model and take advice from those who have been there and done that before you. There are many tools out there from writing courses to book publishers to assist you. The key is investigating what would work best for you. There are even some free resources that can help. Working with someone who has the experience, the leverage, and the tools to help you take your book (which can be turned into your business, or at the very least develop a sound business plan for your book) to the next level allows you to bypass some of the pitfalls you may not be aware of.

Lisa Tener is a Book Writing Coach and she helps you do all this and more! If you are wanting to write a book or want to find out how to get published she is there for you! You could even just get started by taking a book writing class…

No matter where you are at in the process Lisa has tools for you. She even has free resources for you! It’s time to meet your goals and take your life to the next level by making your book and your message work for you!

If you already have a book or an ebook you can “put it out there” and get feedback on your message at www.free-ebooks.net where hundreds of thousands of people are already going for their reading pleasure.

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