How to Write?

Many, many people dream about writing a book. The last statistic that we saw was 82% of people dream about publishing some kind of work. Our sponsor has helped that dream become a reality for thousands of authors.

It’s easier than you think to turn this dream into a reality if you know where to start. The first thing we suggest is to get organized. By organizing your thoughts the process seems less daunting and can allow ideas to flow into a structured outline you can write from.

If you are writing for the first time beginning with an eBook format, or a short story can give you the framework and practice for producing the “real” book in you. Once the shorter work is done and it’s “out there” the feedback you receive can be invaluable when writing the more complete version.

Just like a painter practices painting over and over you can write short stories, or an eBook to polish the writing process for yourself in preparation of writing “the book in you”. We are here to support you through the process and offer the following outline as a place to start:

* Choose a Topic – You could choose a little-known secret, a process used in your industry, your personal story, or a fictional story.

* Pick An Intriguing Title – Don’t give it all away in the title, but you want to capture your reader’s interest. If you over inflate your title you won’t be able to over deliver in your content which is more important than a flashy title.

* Share Your Thoughts – Organize your core idea into the best format to be easily absorbed by your audience. A list may work better in some cases than story format, if you are writing for business purposes for example. The method you choose only needs to simplify your ideas to clearly communicate your message to your audience.

* Explain What is Different – If your work is purely fiction this may not be appropriate, but if you are sharing a secret recipe or other helpful information you can explain why this isn’t common knowledge.

* Why Did You Share? – What was your purpose in sharing your message? Whether you provide a better solution for common problems, or you hope your experience will help someone else in the same situation it helps your readers identify with you when they know why you are taking the time to share with them.

* Wrap It Up – Restate the highlights of what you want your readers to take away from what they’ve read. Always keep in mind what’s in it for them? If you have met their needs they will be eager to read more of what you share.

These are a few guidelines that can help you get going and give some structure to your ideas to make writing easier. Remember to be flexible and have fun playing with your ideas. We wish you much success!

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