Why Mattress Marketing Has to Be More Mobile Friendly and How to Achieve It!

The industry of mattresses is constantly evolving. It is undergoing a digital change. It is important for a business to spend a good amount of marketing dollars on mobile advertising campaigns. Mattress searching is the same as finding any other service online.

Users quickly disregard mattresses that are not optimized for mobile devices. To make it easy for consumers, many of the mattress manufacturers are focusing on making it mobile friendly. There are certain ways by which a mattress company can be made mobile friendly.

About mobile marketing:

Mobile marketing refers to marketing using mobile devices. It can comprise different types of marketing activities such as SMS notification, an e-shopping or an advertisement of a product. Mobile marketing is a kind of marketing activity that is performed via a ubiquitous network to which consumers remain constantly connected via their personal mobile phones.

This marketing is the same as internet marketing where marketers require users to offer advertising of their services and products. Mobile marketing requires research to understand the nature of mobile users, design as per the mobile platform, and adopt several methods of mobile marketing methods. Ensure that people are constantly getting SMS, emails, MMS, and other forms of advertisement to get connected with you.

Significance of mobile marketing:

Mobile marketing has got a new definition of “Digital Marketing.” Mobile devices have become an important part of one’s life and consistent application of smartphones in day to day life is the reason behind the development of this strategy. This technology is surely going to modify your business and provide you with access to more customers and an increased exposure to the trends in the market. It assists your business to grow accordingly.

Presently, a large section of the population access the web using their mobile instead of desktop or laptop. The portability feature of mobile enables users to effortlessly come in touch with the world via the internet at any time and from anywhere. An increasing number of mobile and internet users are dragging a groundbreaking trend in the advertising sector called mobile marketing. There are a few reasons that can explain significance of mobile marketing in these days:

  • Availability of rapid services anytime
  • Mobile is an undetachable part of one’s life
  • Mobile is useful not just for e-shopping but also in physical store
  • SMS marketing

How is mobile marketing, is related with customers, and the business world?

Mobile marketing is an innovative marketing diplomacy in the business world. It provides an easy and better method to communicate with customers and promote products. E-commerce business has a lot of potential and can be easily improved. Marketers now contact mobile users as per their nature and needs. They can research and figure out what type of products or services are searched by customers. They also notify them on the basis of their research.

As marketers notify their customers about the best services and deals, they can easily find their much-needed material. Customers can buy as well as enjoy services with reviews and feedback. It seems beneficial to other customers also.

Why is mobile critical for mattress marketing?

For shoppers, the closest advisor for them is their smartphone. Their mobile is a device that helps them to get some ideas, compare rates, request for quotes, read reviews, locate information, and form decisions. Shoppers can even turn to social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest to gather information pertaining to recent trends, design inspiration and referrals.

Understand millennial behavior:

Social media and mobile are emerging at a fast pace. So, it is important for mattress marketers to learn about ways to spread word to make an effective use of applications and social media. Most of the marketers use social media and applications but are not aware of keeping their followers engaged. Messages have to have a creative touch to engage visitors. Strategies should be used to encourage them to go viral.

Ways to enhance mobile marketing strategy for mattress stores:

Mobile website optimization

Mobile devices are getting omnipresent nowadays. They are replacing desktop and laptops as a fundamental way to access the internet. Mattress retailers with highly optimized mobile strategy are surely going to make progress in the market.

It has been reported that more than fifty percent of people use a smartphone to perform online activities. Be it checking emails or posting photos on social media, smartphones serve as a fast and easy means to perform these activities.

So, if any prospective consumer is unable to access your website or check their emails from their cell phone, then it will definitely lead them to your competitors. A responsive website is needed that is designed in a manner so as to ensure proper functionality on iPhone or Android just like on your laptop.

PPC advertisement to get loads of traffic

Pay-per-click advertisement is one of the proven and highly adopted marketing strategies that bring audiences in large numbers to your website. It works when a seeker enters relevant questions on the search engine. A business is only needed to pay when their advertisement that appears on the search engine website gets clicked.

Useful and relevant content

‘Content is king’ in the online marketing world. It will never go out of trend. It will continue to have its relevance and importance in the marketing techniques adopted by a business. The most recent trend in this field is creation of customized content. Consumers are getting a lot selective with regards to what type of content they wish to read. Therefore, mattress retailers require customized and relevant content for focusing on potential buyers.

To target your customers effectively with your content, you need to first create a personal profile of the buyer that is very likely to transform into loyal consumers. Once it is done, you can now customize your inbound marketing efforts to send a tailored message to each one of them. This message can include describing mattress features, performing promotions, sharing tips, and “how to” contents on visual social media platforms.

Examine online reviews

Buyers refer to online reviews on a regular basis. It is critical to evaluate the comments regarding your brand. Reviews give an idea of what aspects work well and what needs enhancement.

Types of mobile marketing strategies:

There are several different types of strategies that can be implemented by a business. Follow a strategy that helps you in expanding and enhancing your business on the basis of mobile marketing. Below are mentioned some of the trendy methods of mobile advertising and marketing to assist in growth of your business.

  • SMS marketing: As an SMS is frequently checked by users as compared to other modes, a business can make progress by using this utility. Thus, SMS or short message service is an ideal way to communicate with a customer for their needs and for advertisement.
  • MMS marketing: MMS includes text, audio, video, and image slideshow that can be delivered to users through this method. MMS is again a great way to advertise your business’s services or products.
  • Push notification: This is a flash text that notifies users to promote products and services. This text is easily seen by the user, much easier than an SMS.
  • Application based marketing: This is a great tool for business promotion. To use it, you simply need to maintain the search ranking of applications in a store. This will enhance its visibility.
  • In-game marketing: Many of the marketers are nowadays seen to provide promotional messages inside games. This is also called advertisement-funded mobile game or mobile “advergaming.”
  • QR codes: This is an alternative to URL typing. Here one can reach a page by scanning a two-dimensional image in place of typing a URL.
  • Bluetooth: Some marketers use “hotspot” to market their content. This method is “permission based” and works on a radio-based technology. This is completely free of cost strategy that can be very useful for small business owners. It works when a customer comes within the range with activated Bluetooth. Then the user will begin getting ads and notifications.
  • Voicemail: With the help of this marketing strategy, marketers can send a voice message or a prerecorded one to its potential customers.


Not only youngsters but also elderly demographics find it convenient and affordable to buy the best mattress online. With several mattress manufacturers and review websites online, it makes it safe and reliable to buy a good quality mattress for them.  All these ways will definitely help in making you mattress website friendly for mobile users. 

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