Who’s your favorite author and why?

I have a favorite author. Even when I say that I don’t because I like styles and genres more than I might like a particular person’s writing, it’s not true. I discovered this about myself in the last few weeks as I picked up Stephen King’s On Writing again. This time I am reading it and digesting it in small savory bites instead of in one big gulp. I am learning to slow down and savor rather than feed my need for instant gratification. It’s a slow and painful process because instant gratification is the very basis of the information age, isn’t it?

We have Kindle and Nook devices because it allows us to find a book on the internet and be able to read it within minutes. In earlier days, we would either have to wait until the next trip to the library, or hope we would get a chance to visit a friend who has a hopefully larger or more diverse collection than you do. I still remember the glee at being allowed to get a novel off the supermarket shelves when Mom condescended to take me with her grocery shopping. In those days, you read what you could find. Now, we seek out what we want to read and get it – instantly delivered wirelessly to our eReading device.

Yet, even in the days when I knew my next book was likely to be months away, I still tried to gobble the whole book down in as short as time as possible. One weekend, during my school end examinations, I spotted Stephen King’s It on a gift store shelf and begged my mother to get it for me. I don’t even know why it appealed to me beyond the fact that it sat large and imposing on the book stand, promising 800+ pages of pure, horrific thrills.

I was supposed to have been studying that weekend. I had an examination on the Monday morning one week following. Yet, the minute the book landed in my hands on Thursday afternoon, I opened it and did not put it down until two Sunday nights hence. I read all 800 horrifying pages in exactly 10 days, give or take a few hours each day to do menial things like sleep, and eat.

It was my first Stephen King and I remember how impressed I was with his writing, even as ignorant and naive as I was about writing style. He managed to both scare me silly and make me burst into bouts of uncontrollable laughter all within the confines of one book. That, to my young and inexperienced self, was truly skilled writing.

I swore off King after he had his accident – purely out of selfish reasons. His Dark Tower series was still unfinished at the moment he was hit by a car and I realized with a shock that had he died, the story of Roland and his katet would never be finished and it left with me such a feeling of despair, that I swore to never get that invested in another writer.

Well, a few weeks ago, I started reading From a Buick 8 and realized that no matter how much swearing off I had done, Stephen King is still my favorite writer. He writes with a unique ability that I have yet to find in another writer. This could be just my biased opinion, but I haven’t found another author who consistently writes about the most horrific things the mind can imagine with such humor and ease that you find yourself wondering whether monsters do, in fact, exist. The man is a modern day genius.

I invite you, the Free-eBooks.net community, to tell us here in the comments, or on our Facebook fanpage: Who is your favorite author? What is it about them that makes you return to them over and over, no matter what else is happening in life?

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  • I wholly agree with you. I had become slowly addicted to King via books on tape/cd which I listened to at work (and then in the car, and then at home…anywhere I could!), and when I got to the Dark Tower series, I was completely awestruck. When you’ve read his other stories, reading the Dark Tower series is like a massive click in your head. He is pure genius, and I suspect that many do not quite get that; they’re too busy being terrified! Whenever I learn of someone’s burgeoning interest in King, I beg them to include the Dark Tower series in their readings. I have not yet read “On Writing,” but I intend to do so. I promise to devour it slowly!

    • Thank you for writing in, Catie. I too tell people who express an interest in King to make sure to include the Dark Tower series in their list, but I also tell them to check out The Eyes of the Dragon because it also is not your typical horror story and another good example of King’s versatility.

  • I cannot stop once I pick up a Lee Child novel. It all started with “Worth Dying For” and has now grown into a full blown passion for all his books. The character Jack reacher is simply marvellous.
    I can prodly say that I have finished almost all the books in the 16 book series as of now and looking forward to the 17th in line 🙂

    • I absolutely love the Jack Reacher character too! I’ve only managed books 1, 2, and 3 thus far but I have plans to devour the others soon. I am surprised to hear there are 16 of them.

      That feels a little like the Sue Grafton novels. I think Kinsey is up to the letter ‘U’ now (Undertow) but I haven’t gotten past ‘N’ yet.
      So many books to read – not enough time.

  • My all time favorite author is Clive Cussler. His novels are packed with adventure, a little bit of romance and his stories always involve the saviour of the world.
    I like his books so much because he’s basing his stories on true facts, although most of the stories are complete fiction, there’s always a base of truth in them AND he’s very interested in ship salvage (as I am). That is why his stories are told with adventurers working for NUMA (National Underwater and Marine Agency).

    My first book I read was an immediate winner, a pageturner. I started with ‘Vixen 03’ and now I’m the proud owner of all his books, except for one.

    If you like nautical stories too, you should check him out. He can be found on facebook as well as other websites (numa.net , wikipedia and others).

    Have a great read everybody.

  • alwynr@indiatimes.com, June 20, 2012 at 3:02 pmReply

    My favourite author is P G Wodehouse, the master of humour. Humour is, I think, the most difficult field to write in. But his books are masterpieces. I wouldn’t dare to read them in any public place because they normally carry away people who laugh out aloud for no apparent reason. The characters are wonderful and the situations really are possible only with PGW. Read him once and you will be hooked.

  • My favourite is Anton Chekov. His “short” stories – some of which are the length of modern novellas, draw people with astonishing understanding and love for humanity. They are probably not ideal, though, for people who just want a book to read as a pastime.

  • I like Robert Ludlum most. Incredible and masterfully orchestrated twists and turns with painstaking research into the highest eschelons of life. He has real heroes. I dislike writers who portray losers as heroes because it is a realistic picture. Nonsense. I want to enjoy reading and I enjoy successful heroes. Think of the Jason Bourne movies. Ludlum is also a master of finely tuned humour and wordplay full of deviously funny nuances. He makes me laugh,….and that is not so easy. I always re-read his books and without fail finds something new to enjoy. He is just the kind of writer that keeps me interested and gives me great insights into the incredible nets of deception of the real world of global government and finance. I am so surprised that such an international bestseller’s books cannot be found here.

  • One of My favorite authors is J D Robb. The characters (Eve Dallas-just for one) and the futuristic story line –and of course, the mystery itself.

  • Ray Bradbury is the best. He has a unique perspective on everything, even simple things. He just passed away recently. There will never be another like him.

  • I am 13 years old and my favourite author is angie sage………she is wonderfull…..i trully love her…..i read her books again and again …..she just takes me to another world and she makes daydream every day and i read her work wherever i can……..

  • I love Catherine Coulter. The FBI series characters she writes about are so alive, yet fun and very believable. Each story is new and different. I love agents
    Sherlock and Savich.
    I must admit I thorugholy enjoy the James Patterson “Womens Murder Club” series and Tess Gerritson’s “Rizolli and Isles” series also.

  • Favorite new author is Jack Elgos, The Killer is fantactic.
    But my all time top is Andy McNab, cool books.

  • I love the Patrick O’Brian novels about Aubrey/Maturin and seafaring. Also I’m a fan of Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov. The greatest love story of the 20th century.

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