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What Free E-Books Can Help Me In My Job Search?

Knowledge acquisition often comes at a great cost. Maybe you spent thousands of dollars and passed numerous years to gain a degree in your field. Perhaps you stay up-to-date on the latest developments by subscribing to journals or attending industry conferences. It can all add up!

The good news is, thanks to modern technology, learning and acquiring new skills doesn’t have to cost a dime. You can access free e-books from your phone or computer that will open up a world of information to you – and help you in your next job search.

Below, we will discuss free e-books that can help you learn how to get started as a freelancer, learn new skills, and perform well at your job interview. Have you ever thought of writing your own book and adding a “Publications” section to your resume? We’ll talk about that, too.

One book you won’t necessarily have to look for is one on how to write your resume. There are plenty of more practical alternatives for this, such as a free online resume resource instead.

Books on Freelancing

If you’re having trouble finding a job that suits your needs, temporarily freelancing might be the solution.

When I got started as a freelance writer, The Well-fed Writer by Peter Bowerman was an invaluable guide. It proved to me that what I was trying to do could be done because it had already been done, and it outlined the steps I needed to take to get there.

Later, I was able to share my journey as a writer as a contributor to Nick Loper’s $1,000 100 Ways. Even if writing isn’t your forte, this guide can give you ideas—100 of them, in fact—as to how you can start a side hustle or a successful small business. You might find that your gig turns into a full-time job that you love!

If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can access both of these e-books for free.

Books to Help You Learn New Skills

Did you know that most public libraries will let you check out e-books for free, right from your phone? My library uses an app called Libby; check with your librarian to see which app you will need.

When you open the app, you simply select the name of your library and input your library card number. Then, you have thousands of titles at your fingertips.

Want to learn how to code? How to use Photoshop or some other vital software? Need to master a new language? It’s all there – all you have to do is search for the topic you need.

If you’re still in school, you may be able to find some of the books you need for class on Libby as well. If you’re studying history or classical literature, you can download books in the public domain from the Gutenberg Project.

Books to Help You Ace the Interview

Originally published in 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie has, for decades, been the gold standard guide to effective communication.

It teaches readers to never criticize or condemn, but to show appreciation; to be genuinely interested in other people by listening and remembering their names; and “to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.”

If you can master these soft skills, you will do well in your interview. And this free e-book is easily accessible on Libby. You will also find many other e-books on the topic of job interviews.

Books to Add to Your Resume

So far, we’ve talked about what you can gain from reading books. But you can also benefit from writing them.

Published authors are often regarded as experts in their field. If your resume is looking a little thin, you can beef it up by publishing your own free e-books and listing them in a Publications section.

What should you write about? Think non-fiction rather than a novel. How-to books are generally easier to write and find a greater readership. They can also be quite short – even a book of just ten pages is still a book.

You can use resources like Free-Ebooks.net or Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing as a platform to connect with readers and distribute your book.

Key Takeaways

Reading free e-books is a great way to keep pace with changes in your field and learn new skills. For example, you could learn how to start a successful freelance business or how to ace your job interview.

You can also write an e-book to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Include your published works in a Publications section in your resume. You might well be the next bookfluencer!

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