It’s vacation time! Are you reading anything?

I’ve been on vacation for two weeks and I only managed to put a small dent in my reading list while I was off. Of course, this last vacation was more about entertaining visiting family that it was anything else, but I had still hoped to get in more than half a book.

Vacation means different things to different people but I think for most readers it usually means more time to read more. With physical books, you’d go vacation reading shopping; browse the bookstores and libraries for as many books as you can carry in your arms, or in your luggage. And if you’re like me, you’ve been collecting books for a few months, preparing for vacation time when you can sit down and read them all.

For others, vacation means less about reading and more about how much they can see and experience in as short a time as possible. Which is fine too, but I think that even those people should slot some time for a read here and there. Exercising the body is supremely important, yes; exploring and experiencing almost as much so. Yet I think that expanding the mind shares as much importance as physical exercise and exploration.

Of course, as readers, we probably see even less of the outside world when we get reading time – wouldn’t you agree? So tell me, readers: Do you make up a reading list for your vacation reading? Or is vacation time for you to get out and smell the flowers, splash in the pool, and drink margaritas all day (and night) long?

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