Top 5 best book to talk about on a first date

Online dating allows you to interact with a diverse range of prospective partners, and all from the convenience of your own home. Once you’ve come across another single you feel a connection with, you can spend as long as you wish to get to know them better, exchanging messages, developing a rapport, perhaps even arranging a video chat. The time will come when you’ll be eager to meet face-to-face – a date site like this is an introductory platform leading towards that first date. Thinking of what to chat about can cause some apprehension, but a good tip is to consider universal likes, such as music, food – or books. Reading is such a universal leisure pursuit, and here are five of the best titles for you to discuss.

Harry Potter series (J. K. Rowling)

On your first date, it’s always a good idea to inject your book critiques with a escapism. What better way to steer your conversation away from the more mundane topics of worrying about your fashion choice, or whether you’ve overdone it with your aftershave, than chatting about the antics of the schoolboy wizard? Anyone who has read Rowling’s bestselling fantasy series (or seen the subsequent film adaptations) will have a favorite amongst the rich ensemble cast of fabulous eccentrics.

Lord of the Rings trilogy (J. R. R. Tolkein)

Written half a century ago, these fantasy books having been made into hugely popular feature films. The story is all about good versus evil, and an unassuming hairy-footed Hobbit, Frodo, encountering a diverse range of wonderful characters. Introducing elves, ferocious orcs, benevolent wizards – and demonic ones – Tolkien painstakingly created Middle Earth, with maps and different languages. You could talk about what you would do if you possessed a ring of invisibility.

Oliver Twist (Charles Dickens)

Dickens’s books have continually been adapted for stage and the silver screen, right up to the present day. Much of the subject matter is fairly deep – child labor, the English class system, the grim factory conditions during the Industrial Revolution – which will certainly give you conversation topics to get your teeth into on date number one. Oliver Twist is an excellent choice because the story immediately gives you an underdog to root for. We first encounter Oliver as a 9-year-old pauper, an orphan toiling in a workhouse. When he escapes and falls in with a gang of pickpocketing street urchins led by Fagin, his adventures truly begin. A timeless classic.

101 Places To Have Sex Before You Die (Marsha Normandy and Joseph St. James)

After all the drama of crime fiction, this title will launch you straight into much more risque territory. Imagine the karma sutra crossed with a travel guide, and you have this spicy, tongue-in-cheek suggestion for places the more adventurous travelers can enjoy getting physical. Not only does the book work as a travelogue, introducing you to wonderful destinations, but it also gives you an R-rated view of these places. Helpful icons indicate particularly tricky locations, especially in terms of the possibility of getting arrested. You don’t have to be seriously contemplating going on holiday to enjoy clandestine sex, but it sure makes for a tantalizing chat.

Long Bright River (Liz Moore)

Here’s a book you can introduce into the conversation that will take you far away from elves, wizards, or Victorian street gangs. Like all the best crime fiction, this is a page-turner following two sisters through a twisting plot. There’s murder involved, but what would make this book especially interesting for your date chat is the fact one sister is a cop, the other a drug addict.

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