Tips for Extended Kindle Oasis 2 Battery Life

The Oasis Kindle 2 is one of the most feature-rich and elegantly designed e-readers on the market today. It has lots of sophisticated technology, drawing on years of Amazon Kindle research and development to give you the latest engineering and quality. But an unusual number of customers who purchased this particular model of the Kindle are really unhappy with the battery life. So here are some tips for getting the most out of your Kindle Oasis 2 battery. Most of these tips can also be applied to any other type of e-reader you may have.

Common Complaints

While some say that they can read a huge book like War and Peace on a single charge or that their battery lasts an entire month, others tell a different story. Some say that even without using the Kindle the battery quickly dies. There are complaints that the battery has to be charged every few hours, even for normal usage. One thing that can drain a battery faster is if you use the e-reader for lots of activities that demand extra power. For some newcomers to the Oasis 2, this could be the problem. They may not be used to an e-reader with so many different functions, apps, and settings, and they may be using those so much that it drains the battery fast. But Amazon usually tests its devices to ensure that you can use them any way you want without trouble, so if your battery drains much too fast, you could have a defective battery. Before coming to that conclusion, review the kinds of activities that do use lots of juice, which are listed below.

Activities that Consume Lots of Power

How long does your Kindle stay on after you stop reading? If you walk away from it and it stays one for several minutes that uses the battery more than you may realize. So you can set the device to go into sleep mode sooner. Keeping the front light on the reader at a very bright setting all the time may shorten the time between charges, and so can activities like using Wi-Fi a lot. Do you leave the Wi-Fi on all the time, even when you aren’t using it? That could be draining your battery. You may want to turn off the Wi-Fi or even put the device in “airplane mode” to prevent unwanted loss of power when Wi-Fi is not in use.

Recharging Habits

How often do you recharge the battery? Old batteries used to have something called “memory effect.” If you used a small percentage of the battery’s power and then recharged it, without every letting it completely drain it’s power, that would have potentially shortened the life of the battery. But the new battery technology overcame that issue. So if you have a newer device, you can plug it in and recharge it no matter how much power is left in the current charge. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to top-off the battery every chance you get, so that it always has a full charge.

Update the Software

Amazon continually updates its e-reader software products, so that when issues are discovered they are fixed with the new update. But unless you download those updates to your device, you won’t get the benefits. That’s why whenever you are notified that a new update is available, you should download it as soon as you can. If you aren’t sure if you have the latest updates on your device, you can visit the update page on Amazon and check. There will be list of devices and updates and if you need to update your software you can do it from that page.

If the Issue Persists

If you are having serious battery problems, don’t hesitate to contact Amazon and let them know. You can visit Amazon online and go to the Kindle customer service page to look for answers and get help. Be advised that when you google Amazon Kindle support, you may find a page that says “Amazon Kindle Customer Service Phone Number.” One example is the website called But before you call or pay money to get your Kindle serviced, check the web address. If it is not an official Amazon address, it is probably some other company trying to get business repairing e-readers. It’s always best to deal directly with Amazon, and if the problem with your battery is their responsibility, they will likely fix it or replace it for free.

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