Tips for Finding Foreign Language E-books

globesThere are many compelling reasons to read books in foreign languages, and one of the easiest and most conveniently portable ways to do that is electronically. You can carry dozens of e-books with you anywhere you go, and if you are planning to travel to foreign lands then reading in that language can be a fun way to prepare. You may be wanting to ace your foreign language exam in high school or college, or to add a new language to your business skills toolkit. Whatever your reason for wanting to read in another language, you’ll want to know where to find lots of great books that fit your needs and preferences.

Check Out the Kindle Store’s Foreign Titles

One of the most impressive catalogs of foreign language books is the one you’ll find on The most popular languages that you might be studying in school or wanting to read books in are almost guaranteed to be there, and browsing can be loads of fun. You might also discover one or more languages that you did not even realize existed. You’ll find books, for instance, in languages such as Alsatian, Basque, Galician, Latin, Luxembourgish, Manx, Provencal, Scottish Gaelic, to name a few.

If you visit the Amazon website, just do a search for Foreign Language Books. That will quickly bring up a huge treasure trove of foreign e-books. A recent search of the site, for example, found that there were more than 184,000 Spanish language books; over 320,000 German books; and more than 150,000 French titles. There are also over 50,000 titles in Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese. Many of these are free, and thousands of them are priced very cheaply. You can fill an entire foreign language library of e-books without straining your book budget.

Apple Store Downloads

At the Apple store you can also find a vast inventory of foreign language books. There are instructional books that teach languages such as Tagalog, Swahili, Persian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Norwegian, Biblical Greek, Romanian, Malaysian, Swedish, and Korean. Plus you can download books in more popular tongues like German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, or Italian. You can learn step-by-step, using the downloadable e-book format textbooks, study guides, pronunciation guides, and dictionaries. There are lots of novels and story books, too, to help you practice as you acquire a new language.

Kobo Foreign Language Books

Those who use a Kobo e-reader can, of course, use the Kobo store to access thousands of foreign titles, too. The store currently offers nearly 35,000 foreign language books. Those include more than 1,000 in Indic and South Asian languages and about 700 or more in each of the different categories of Russian, Scandinavian, Chinese, and Slavic titles. Polish, Nepali, Norwegian, Serbian, Hungarian, Albanian, Irish, Romanian, Estonian, Icelandic, and Belarusian books round out the inventory, as well as several thousand German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese books.. Foreign Language Books

The third most popular language in the world is Spanish – and when it comes to Spanish, happens to be one of the most popular providers of books and audiobooks. Just visit There is also a site that offers books in every genre, for free download, in Portuguese. These sites have visitors from countries all over the world, who speak all different languages and download 10,000 e-books a day. They also have 5.5 million registered users and attract more than 3,200 new member registrations per day. Customers flock to these resourceful sites in order to gain free access to Spanish, Portuguese, and English titles in both fiction and nonfiction, including the classics, academic texts, thrillers, romance novels, “how-to” books, children’s books, juvenile novels, books about business topics, poetry, and more.

A World of Words Awaits

Maybe English is your first language or your native tongue is another of the approximately 6,500 spoken languages on earth. There are about 2,000 languages that are only spoken by around 1,000 people – while those who speak Chinese number more than 1.2 billion. No matter what your primary language happens to be,  having access to a variety of different fiction and nonfiction books in all different genres and on a diversity of topics is a tremendous asset. You can expand your horizons, build on your knowledge, delve into the mystery and adventure of new cultures, and gain from the perspective of writers who express their ideas all over the world. So next time you feel the urge to travel and see the world you live in, start by going online and downloading a sample of what foreigners have to offer in the form of e-books.

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