(Tip) $15 Amazon Credit

Easy Money

I know this won’t apply to everybody, but a lot of us do shop on Amazon, especially with the Holidays coming up. And today we heard about a cool way to get a “free” (kind of) $15 credit from Amazon which we imagine many might appreciate…

Step #1: you need to order a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate. You can order it for yourself and use it anytime yourself. Again; if you’re going to be shopping on Amazon soon or for the Holidays, may as well…

You can order the certificate here.

Note: this is for NEW gift cards. If you already have one or try to top-off an existing one, it won’t work. 

Step #2: When you get to the last step of the checkout process, enter this coupon code: 


That’s it. You should see a little message like this stating you received a $15 credit (that’s an actual screenshot from my own order so I know it works)  

 Please note: we do not work for Amazon. We’re simply passing on what we think is a cool tip to our community. If you have trouble using that coupon code, don’t worry because other people have had issues as well. Just head to this page and click the button to add the promotion to your account, and you should be able to get your $15 credit! If not, blame Amazon, not us ? 

Hope this help! 

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