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Since the earliest days of the internet, people have used online resources to learn new skills, research topics and acquire knowledge that was previously unavailable to them. Nowadays, this process has never been easier, with a wealth of information available at our fingertips. 

Yet sometimes it’s simply not as straightforward as keying in your requests to Google and selecting the top search result. While a published book normally goes through a rigorous editing and fact checking process before being released, virtually anybody is at liberty to share content online. While this is normally a good thing, as it encourages creative expression and a diversity of opinions, when it comes to learning something new it can become an obstacle.

After all, learning from an unverified resource can often set you down the wrong path. Take, for example, the act of learning to play an instrument. While there are many ways one can approach this, you’re more likely to pick up bad habits if you’re taking your initial pointers from an amateur resource posting online. Further down the line, this could cause you to have to unlearn incorrect techniques in order to continue to advance.

Stick To Reputable Resources

One of the best ways to get around this issue is to stick to trusted resources. These are platforms, websites and teachers that are widely respected in their fields. You can find trusted resources for virtually any topic you can imagine. 

For example, if we talk about the gambling industry, the most popular games are poker and chess. Those who want to learn the basic rules and hand rankings of Texas Hold’Em would be much better off taking inspiration from the free guides offered by industry mainstay PokerStars, rather than from some unverified creator. The same goes for chess, where to learn all the moves of the pieces we will have to be guided by specialised platforms such as, one of the leaders in the sector that offers guides and courses to learn from scratch.

Likewise, the aforementioned budding musician may find their learning journey supported, rather than hampered, by choosing to follow the recommendations outlined by respected sites such as Guitar World, over a random website.

For those who want to take their studies deeper, however, there is a new solution. In recent years eLearning platforms have cropped up that provide comprehensive and detailed courses by accredited teachers and experts. These can supercharge the process of picking up new skills. There are a huge variety of eLearning platforms to choose from, and here we will explore some of the best of these below.


Coding and programming is one of the most sought after skills in the modern workplace. As such, it’s no wonder there has emerged a competitive market around providing tuition for budding programmers. Codeacademy provides courses in virtually all learning languages, including JavaScript, Python and C++.


Udemy is among the largest single eLearning platforms online today. With over 30,000 courses to choose from, it offers richly detailed classes covering a huge variety of subjects from software tutorials to interior design and counselling skills.


While some eLearning platforms seek to deliver ‘in-house’ tuition, others go down a more conventionally academic route by offering accredited programs that can be used to further your academic learning. Coursera offers courses by a host of leading colleges and universities from around the world, making it a powerful asset to someone looking to re-entering formal education on their own terms.


Alongside Udemy, SkillShare is among the largest eLearning providers out there today. Whereas Udemy offers courses across a huge range of subjects, SkillShare is more narrowly focused on creative pursuits. Whether you’re wanting to learn photography, oil painting, sculpture or graphic design, SkillShare is likely your best bet.

LinkedIn Learning

An off-shoot of the immensely successful business-oriented social network LinkedIn, LinkedIn Learning offers a range of courses and classes designed to add ammo to your CV and to give you the skills you need to secure your dream job.


While some eLearning platforms adopt a ‘jack of all trades’ approach, others aim to deliver specialised teaching on niche subjects. Treehouse is one such example – its offerings are largely restricted to the realm of design and web development. If you’re looking to update your knowledge, or even re-train in this field, nothing can match the courses offered here.

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