Summer Reading: Why Audiobooks are the way to go!

“Beach reading” conjures up ultra-light fiction for lazy summer days spent soaking up the sun. You leave behind the bleakly serious academic literature, the strictly composed 18th century poetry, the epic tomes, and the fact-based nonfiction. All of those bulky  textbooks stay at home, too, gathering dust until autumn. Now is the time for easy, breezy, reading meant for pure entertainment. You want the kind of fun reading you can do while sipping a cool beverage at your favorite oceanside, poolside, or lakeside destination.

The Carefree Option

But when you want the ultimate summer reading experience, tune out the world around you and tune in to a stress-relieving audio book. Not only are there no pages to turn or bookmarks that can be misplaced, but you don’t even have to look at the text.

Go ahead, put on your darkest sunglasses. They won’t interfere with your book enjoyment because you don’t need good lighting – or any light at all – to devour an audio book. All you have to do is leave the reading to someone else as you simply kick-back, chill-out, and listen along.

Easygoing Genres

You can digest an entire novel – or dozens of them – with your eyes closed. How sublime and appropriate is that for the ultimate in summer book lover pleasures? So grab your beach umbrella, flip-flops, and beverage cooler, plus the latest crime novel or spy thriller.

Break out the bikinis and bodice-ripping romance novels. Shop for a great sci-fi series to keep you enthralled in some intriguing galaxy far from all of your earthly cares and worldly responsibilities. Dive into a rich and sparkly realm of pure fantasy. Let your imagination run wild as you live a vicarious double life, picturing yourself amongst the cast of characters in a seafaring classic about pirates and adventurous explorers.

An Entire Library of Books on the Go

Audio books are also the top choice if you are taking a road trip this summer. Listen safely and completely hands-free while you drive. Or keep the kids delightfully occupied and quiet in the backseat as they pop in the ear buds to engage in recreational reading that can also be very educational and informative.

If you’re flying to your favorite vacation destination, forget those boring airline magazines. There is no need to read those dog-eared periodicals left behind by strangers who were in your seat on the previous flight. Grab your headphones and get absorbed in the plot of a gripping novel, even while wearing a sleep mask. You can even enjoy audio books while boating and sailing, without the worry you have with a traditional bound book that can be ruined by an errant splash of the waves.

The Ideal “Stay-cation” Solution

Even if you are planning a “stay-cation” you can squeeze a lot more fun out of it with your favorite audio books, just by piping them through your home stereo system. Invite the world’s greatest authors into your home for instant access while you do housework, repaint your garage, hang out in the hammock, or grill on the back deck or patio.

Maybe you have a do-it-yourself project you’ve been postponing. Now that summer weather is cooperative it’s the right time to showcase your power tool skills. Don’t take any chances, though. Download ebooks in audio format that are written by the home improvement experts, and let the pros walk you through the process, step by step. You’ll get the job done perfectly the first time, with impressive results.

Best of all, just in time for beach reading season, has launched an exciting, diverse, well-stocked audio book section. The sound quality is superb, new titles are added daily, and the adaptable MP3 format lets you play these great ebooks on virtually any device.

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