Storytelling Reinvented By A New App & The iPad

Things are hopping at the App Store as a new little app that takes a new approach to storytelling has landed at the top of the heap.

Storytelling on the iPad has been evolving and now the new app Papercut launched by London-based developer Ustwo is taking it to a whole new level. Papercut combines video and sound as well as text to make stories come to life in a whole new way.

The idea behind Papercut was to use the simplicity of of the iPad’s capabilities and create an easy to use enhanced reading experience. Written text is now turned into animation, sequences of images matched with sound and relevant video which are all activated by the narration of the story.

Authors now have more control than ever to integrate their unique illustrations into their story while weaving in sound to create a truly moving and captivating experience for their readers.

With the launch of this little app it appears that while some people are still marvelling at how many books they can carry with them in their Kindle ebooks are leaping to a whole new level.

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