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Save Money with These Six Business Automation Tools

Business automation has become the leading way to improve teamwork, increase productivity, and provide a conducive work environment for your team to get things done. Business automation was designed to simplify task management and collaboration in the workplace. When you know what tools to use and how to use them, you give your business a better chance of success. The cool thing about most of these tools is you actually end up saving money in the end.

Check out these six business automation tools that may just help you save money.

1. Spike

Your team needs a collaboration tool that allows you to keep all of the little details in one place. Spike offers exactly that, bringing you the perfect place where your team can come together and get things done. Here, you design a space that provides for your team’s needs in all the right ways.

It’s not just an email or a chat. Instead, it’s an integrative platform that allows you to email, chat, set meetings, host meetings, track tasks, and stay on top of team projects. It offers a unique design that lets you collaborate both with immediate team members and those outside of your team.

What most people really like about Spike is the ability to bring unity to collaboration. You can do so many things inside of this one space, reducing the need for an individual subscription for every little thing. It’s incredibly intuitive.

2. Calendly

While you probably have calendars in your workspaces and maybe even group calendars in your email, these can sometimes be tedious to manage. Calendly is a really cool free scheduling tool that eliminates some of the struggles when it comes to scheduling and coordinating. With Calendly, the owner of the calendar can designate available meeting times and send a simple link to anyone who needs to schedule with them.

Gone are the days when you have to sift through everyone’s calendars to schedule a meeting. Now, you can just use the link, choose from available dates and times, and solidify the meeting details without the back and forth to do so. This tool automates scheduling and planning, and it’s completely customizable! Plus, the software sends out reminders to all parties.

3. Quickbooks

Are you paying for expensive HR or accounting software that is difficult to manage? If so, you need to stop. Quickbooks gives you the best of accounting at your fingertips, and it’s pretty affordable. Rather than paying for complex systems or software that you don’t even use half of, you can invest in Quickbooks and have simplicity at your fingertips.

And while Quickbooks is simple to use, it still has a ton of great features. You can separate your spending, earmark funds, integrate multiple accounts, run reports, and reconcile. That’s really just the beginning of the capabilities. You can even use the Quickbooks app when you need something on the go! Quickbooks also has a payroll feature that can be super helpful too.

4. Clockify

Speaking of payroll, you may need something useful for your team to track time. Clockify is one of the top options for remote teams that need tracking capability. Quickbooks does also have a time-tracking app, but you will pay for it. Clockify is a free option that is really simple to use. YOu just set up your team, and you get their time tracking as it is reported. Then, you issue payroll based on those times.

This is one of the preferred time-tracking automated services because it has some integrated employee tracking options, and it allows people to fill in for an offline mode when it is necessary. Even if you choose not to use Clockify, having a reliable time-tracking app is important.

5. Stripe

Do you send out invoices to clients? Stripe is a great automation tool for this. With Stripe, you can send invoices on demand, but you can also set up automated billing and monitoring that helps track everything and process it for you. This takes the manual processing out of billing processes, and it’s become a popular choice. Stripe even works from a smartphone, which is perhaps one of the best features.

Stripe is safe, easy to use, and perfect for customers to be able to set up or pay easily.

6. MailChimp

MailChimp is an amazing tool to save money on marketing and client relationships. This tool allows you to build up a customer database and then make contact with them. It’s both a communication tool and a CRM software. Here, you can send out emails and newsletters with the click of a button. You can even design things here. You get analytics and reports for every campaign, and you get the simplicity of a tool that does the hard work for you!

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