Readers Turn Into Writers?

Enjoy reading eBooks? Think you’d like to give it a try? Here is a brief summary of the nuts and bolts of the “How to’s” to write your own eBook.

There are different kinds of eBooks. Begin with the end in mind, as Steven Covey would say. How long do you want your book to be?

A traditional eBook is the same as a book you would buy at a book store and is usually upwards of a hundred pages or more.

A Manifesto style eBook is much shorter and usually focuses on one idea or a quick checklist on a topic. This style is usually 1 – 25 pages in length.

A Bonus eBook can be used as an incentive to build a list off of your website or blog. This can be a special report, interview, or any other unique content you can reward your followers for taking action.

Exactly how do you make an eBook? You can create a file in any word processor like Microsoft Word for example, but you will want to convert it to a PDF format as it’s the most widely accepted. You can convert your file using Adobe Acrobat if you have it or PrimoPDF is a free service you can use (there are others if you Google them). Remember you are not limited by printing costs and therefore can be creative with banners, pictures, and the like. The only thing to keep in mind is the download size of your eBook.

A few tips to make the most of your efforts:

1. Readers notice: take the time to edit your work, have others read it, and make sure it’s polished. Put your best foot forward.
2. Be of Service: numbering your pages and including a link to your website allows those who are interested to find you. Don’t leave people wondering where to get more helpful information.
3. Keep it interesting: review books that you like and model what interests you into your own work. Use chapters, headings, sub-headings, images etc to make your content easy to read and absorb.

Once you’ve written your eBook, converted the format to a PDF, checked the formatting to make sure it reads how you want it to, now it’s time to get your eBook read by others.

There are countless places to post your ebook to be found by hungry readers. Your website, if you have one would be the first place to offer it, but there are many others. You can also use your Facebook page and Twitter to let the world know about your new work.

Hope this gives you a outline to get started and have your eBook done quickly and enjoyed by your new fans!



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