OverDrive launches WP7 app!

Do you borrow eBooks from your public library? Chances are that you know about the OverDrive app as it is the platform used by most public libraries to loan out their eBooks and a whole lot more!

In the past OverDrive’s platform has been compatible with dedicated eBook Readers including the Barnes & Noble NOOK, the Sony Reader as well as apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. In short OverDrive now supports every major desktop and mobile operating system as they have recently added an app for Windows Phone 7.

This new app, launched this week, might be the best so far! Manage your book loans, read digital books or listen to audio books on the go on your phone or mobile device. You have full control over the screen colour and can adjust the font size.

Other new features include easier menus that are a lot more attractive and you can even see large thumbnail icons of the book covers. Check out the video that explains all the features here.

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