Let the eReader-come-tablet wars begin!

This week was eventful in the eReader world – the Kindle Fire shipped early and the new Nook Tablet became available. And from all I am reading, it seems that finally there is some real competition between these two. Not until now have I been willing to concede that the Nook and the Kindle were able to compete against one another – but with their respective forays into the tablet arena, that just might change.

The Kindle Fire

The reviews I have been seeing for the Kindle Fire have been mostly disparaging – Forbes, twice; Huffingtonpost and TechCrunch – to name a few.

And not a few of them have been flogging that dead horse of a topic – that the Kindle Fire is an alternative to the other all-purpose tablets on the market. I have been ill myself, so not as prolific as I’d like to have been, but it hasn’t stopped me from being incensed at how widely misunderstood the Kindle Fire is.

I neither own one, nor do I intend to own one (I am an e-Ink kind of girl) – but from the day of the announcement it was clear to me that the focus of the Kindle Fire was never “all-purpose”. It’s about delivering Amazon.com content nothing more, nothing less. And I don’t think I can say it any more without sounding like a stuck record. So I am going to ask you – all of you who took the plunge and now are almost a week into your shiny, new Kindle Fire devices.

The New Nook Tablet

If you ask me, Barnes and Noble has been perfecting their “tablet” for a while now with the Nook Color. So that it’s now known as the Nook Tablet is no huge leap. Endgadget has a fairly comprehensive comparison article on both of these tablets. If you haven’t yet decided which one to get yet, this will be a good read – albeit somewhat technical.

If you already have decided and you have it in hand, let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below. I am dying to hear what all of you think.

2 thoughts on “Let the eReader-come-tablet wars begin!

  1. The nook is what I have and I love it! I have the orginal nook when it first came out. It did have a few hiccups, but Barnes and Noble stood behind this product and now it runs smoothly. I have not tried the newer versions, because I use my nook as a ebook and I do not do anything else with it. But I LOVE it no more getting rid of my favorite books.

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