Leaders Must Lead – Dan McPherson

Dan McPherson:

Well, we may not have the exact same experiences, but I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve always had big dreams and a desire to make a truly significant impact in the world. Unfortunately, I’ve spent a lot of my life not understanding how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. In fact, at times, it felt like an impossible dream.

Growing up, I never felt like I fit in. We certainly didn’t have money. I was hidden from my father for 6 years when I was young, I remember eating half of a hot dog while my mother went hungry, and, thanks to my extended family, I was exposed to violence, drugs, and abuse.

“But, through it all, I was committed to doing something that mattered. My life would be different, but not only mine. I was committed to creating generational change that would affect my family and the world around me. Since that time, it’s been a powerful journey for me. When I look at myself, I see someone who is living proof that environment may exert influence, but choices create change.

That is what has driven me from there to here and what continues to push me every day to help as many people as possible to transform their lives and believe that dreams ARE real.

So, the big question is, WHO are you?

– An entrepreneur who’s eager to get your business off the ground? or
– An artist, musician, creator, or innovator striving to build the skill and confidence needed to achieve your dreams, even if society (and maybe even a friend or two) tell you differently? or
– A business owner looking for the next step of growth, possibly even after years of stable success? or
– A sales leader or manager ready to break through the next performance ceiling?

Our current clients live all around the world and cover well more than a dozen industries. They are musicians, chiropractors, chefs, mortgage brokers, authors, retailers, landscapers, artists, gamers, insurance agents, professional speakers, and even hairstylists… you name it, they’ve worked with us in order to begin creating the life they want to lead.

What do all these people have in common with you? You know you can be the person you’ve always wanted to be. You know your vision has the ability to change people’s lives. You don’t need someone to do it for you. You just need a little guidance and advice along the way.”

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