Ever Been Up Late Writing?

When you’re focused on your passion or mission time seems to stop. Before you know it you look up and find it’s dark out and way later than you thought!

Make the most of your efforts by getting free advertising and spread the word about your thoughts, your fictional works, and your message by using resources like Ezine Articles. Here is their recently published Top Ten List for making the most of those Late Nights spent writing and using free resources like theirs ….

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#10. It’s a website that thrives on member feedback, listens to what users have to say and learns from it in order to adapt and become better.

#9. Writing and submitting will position you as an Expert Author. And fellas, the ladies love Expert Authors.

#8. It’s one of the most budget-friendly ways to market your business, which in turn saves you and your organization plenty of money.

#7. They provide users with a highly interactive Author’s Area that comes complete with everything one needs to be successful in writing articles, including comprehensive article stats and laser-targeted title suggestions.

#6. It’s a website that only accepts original articles where the author has an exclusive right to the content and unethical authors who practice plagiarism may get booted from the platform.

#5. Three words = Free. Coffee. Mug.

#4. Traffic. Lots and lots of traffic. And not just any traffic, but pre-qualified traffic!

#3. All articles are reviewed by two members of their skilled and proficient editorial staff ensuring that your article is the best it can be when it goes live.

#2. Quality is objective number one.

… And, the #1 reason you should submit articles to EzineArticles: The website serves over one million visitors a day.

Another great low-cost resource to publish your short stories, reports, eBooks, and other works www.Free-eBooks.net accepts more than just articles. www.Free-eBooks.net has nearly 20,000 eBooks downloaded everyday. Why not get your work found there too?

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