Irreverence in Writing

I am a fan of irreverent literature. I like when writers push the envelope because it forces me to confront my own inhibitions and perspectives and causes me to question their validity within the context of someone else’s perspective. I am a firm believer in defining your world in an ever-changing, ever-growing process based on the information that is available to us. As a result, my world-view is always changing.

Homo sayswhaticusConsequently, any discussion that arises as a result of such an obscure writing style can bring even more angles and perspectives into play which widens the process and presents more possibilities for challenging our individual status quo. I am always in for an intense self-examination session because I feel it’s the only way we can truly know ourselves and our limits. Especially when self-examination makes you uncomfortable.

This week, the editor’s pick is one of those opportunities to really examine ourselves and our perspectives. Because you don’t get much more irreverent than contrasting teeth brushing with masturbation – and this author does that and more in a light, humorous way that makes you stop and think. Even if you end up laughing it off in the manner I suspect he intended, it does make you wonder.

Lance Manion aspires to be known as an obscure writer. I think he’s well on his way.

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