How to Convert and Send PDF Files to Read on Your Kindle

Almost all the documents you read these days are either Word style documents or they are PDF files. PDF is usually preferred when you want to display text in a format that makes it look more like a book or magazine. With a PDF file (which, by the way, stands for Portable Document Format), you can display text as well as pictures and graphs and the presentation is very book-like. You can also add a special graphic or photographic cover, just like a book. What you wind up with when a PDF file is put together in this graphics-rich layout is basically an e-book. That’s why so many fans of e-books and owners of Kindle e-reader devices want to know how to transfer PDF files to their Kindle.

Let Amazon Do it for You

In order to read a PDF file on a Kindle or similar e-reader device, and make it look high quality, you need to covert the PDF to ePub format. That includes the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Apple iOS iBooks platform for readers who use an iPad or may even read from a smartphone. But Amazon makes it as easy as just attaching them to an email and emailing it to your Kindle.

Start by selecting and uploading your PDF from wherever it’s stored, and attaching it to the email the way you would any file or document. Then email it to your Kindle’s email address. Sending a PDF to your Kindle using that Kindle email address is really simple. But before you hit “send” make sure that you put the word Convert in the subject line of your email. Unless you do that, the file won’t be converted out of ordinary PDF format and into a more Kindle-friendly format.

How to Find Your Kindle Email Address

If you aren’t familiar with that address, it’s part of your Kindle account on Amazon. Go to your account and look under the section labeled Manage Your Content and Devices. Then go to Settings, and scroll down to find Personal Document Settings. Once you’re in your Personal Document Settings, you should see a section called Send to Kindle Email Settings. Click to access those settings and you should see your unique Kindle email address listed there.

Use a Kindle App

You can also download the convenient Send to Kindle app from Amazon. If you don’t have the app, visit the Send to Kindle page on Amazon and you’ll see options to download it to your desktop computer or Android Device. If you send PDF files to your Kindle using the app, you may need to open up your Send to Kindle settings and click the option to have the files converted. Otherwise, if the default setting doesn’t automatically convert them, they’ll stay in regular PDF format.

Use the App on the Web

You can also install the app in your internet browser. That way, if you are surfing the Web and you find an article or blog post you want to save to your Kindle for future reading, you can do so with the app. You may also have a website, and want to make it easier for visitors to your site to capture your blogs or other content and send that content to their Kindles. In that case, you can add a Send to Kindle button to your website and that lets them do it with a click of the button.

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