Handy Accessories to Help Hold E-Readers

There are lots of different e-readers, from iPads and Kindles to Kobos and Nooks. To get the most out them there are also many accessories you can acquire. One of the most interesting, practical, and useful categories of accessories is holders and stands. These are products that allow you to have a hands-free reading experience. Instead of using your hands to hold your e-reader device, use them to hold your favorite beverage. Press the buttons and screens on the device, or sit there and practice your guitar or piano scales.

Maybe you just want a more secure grip on your device, and there are products that help with that, too. Want to read in bed, without holding the book? Then a floor stand type holder is just the ticket. Here are some of the more popular e-reader holder and stand items that may enhance your e-reading comfort and pleasure.

Finger and Hand Grips

You may have been to an electronics retail store and noticed sales associates wearing iPad devices that were attached to their hands by something resembling an elastic band. There are products like that where you slide your hand into the holder kind of how a baseball player slides their hand into a catching glove. The holder attached to the device and then when you slide your hand into the holder, you get a very secure grip. That can allow you to move around without having to hold tight to the device or use both hands to manage it. Your free hand can, for example, be used to work the touchscreen.

Examples include the TFY Security Hand Strap Holder, available for about $15 at many retailers. It works with devices like the iPad Pro that have up to nine or ten inch or larger screens. For approximately $20 the very popular Lazy Hands Heavy Duty has an extremely strong grip for devices like iPads and tablets, and it’s made in the USA. The finger grips are adjustable, and it is designed to comfortably and securely fit most people’s hands.

Tabletop Stands

There are also products you can sit on a table, and they act as an e-reader stand. The one made by Lamicall, for instance, called the Tablet Stand can easily accommodate an iPad Pro, older iPads, and Amazon Kindles – as well as lots of other similar types of devices. You can run your charger cable through the hole that’s built into the back of the stand, so that you can keep your e-reader charged. The stand basically supports your e-reader so that it’s propped up and angled like a computer screen is when you use a desktop or laptop computer.

But you can also rotate the stand to give yourself lots of different reading angles depending on where you are positioned in relation to your e-reader. This kind of basic stand sells for prices starting at around thirty bucks. You can visit the manufacturers website and even pick and choose the design features you prefer. In that way you can essentially design your own customized Lamicall Table Stand.

Height-Adjustable Floor Stands

But around $200 will buy you a state-of-the-art LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand, which resembles one of those super-adaptable and moveable pieces of equipment you might see in your dentist’s office. Don’t be misled by the name, because it is not just for iPads. This holder works with Nook, Kindle Fire, and other e-readers as well as a variety of similar-sized devices. It holds your e-reader at just the right height and viewing angle, thanks to an articulating arm that swings in and out. The holder can be tilted and spun around with quick-adjustment levers and the floor lamp sized holder has wheels for easy movement from place to place and room to room. Plus it has a sleek, chic look and is made of anodized aluminum for lightweight durability.

Another height-adjustable floor stand option that’s also adaptable to your needs is the CTA Tablet Floor Stand, which has a gooseneck style design and can hold most tablets and virtually every size of iPad. But it sells for only about $30. There’s also a model available for around $50 that has a base on it with wheels, for easy rolling from place to place.

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