Free-eBooks news – July 18th 2011

Our authors spoke up loud and we listened!

Book Description suggestions

As you may or may not be aware, has allowed their community to suggest better descriptions for the books in our library almost since day 1.

In case you weren’t aware of this feature, it can be found on the book detail page just below the current description.

Well, one of our authors wrote in to the help desk with the suggestion that authors should be allowed autonomy in this area.

Which was sort of where our head was at anyway: once it was an author submitted “suggestion”, we would normally only vet for characters not transposed correctly and spelling/grammar errors before approving.

So we thought, why not take this and see how best we can accommodate our authors.

As a result, our authors can now change the descriptions autonomously, with just a note to us stating such. We can still vet for incorrectly transposed characters, etc and modify as is required, but for the most part author submitted description changes are now final.

Thank you, authors, for your feedback.

And thank you, community, for your constant support.

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