(Editor’s Picks) 12 free books: Back to School

Your latest Editor’s Picks are in for this week as we celebrate “Back to School.” Simply click on the image of their covers below to download your choices for FREE. And while many of these titles aim to help pupils and parents alike; most of them are very valuable to “lifelong students” of all ages, so take a close look below. 

Plus, in the spirit of education, this week we’re also bringing you 3 FREE Classes from Mindvalley. Enjoy any or all three! 

[1] Becoming Limitless – Discover how to access the 4 Levels of Human Consciousness so you can shape your reality and achieve your most extra-ordinary life goals without traditional ‘hard work.’

[2] SuperBrain – Unlock Your Superbrain So You Can Learn Faster, Retain More and Forget Less

[3] Mastery of Sleep – Join Dr. Michael Breus As He Uncovers the Hacks To Naturally Prime Your Mind And Body For Deep, Restful Sleep

Enjoy this week’s free featured titles plus these new courses with our best! 

Your Partners in education and success,

The team at  Free-eBooks.net

Your Weekly Editor’s Picks are:

Editor's Picks
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