Editor’s Pick for May 8th, 2013

This week’s pick is a piece by a two-author team. I have always been fascinated by co-authored books. Being a little of a loner and having done a smidgeon of writing myself, I can’t imagine how a co-author deal would work, yet we have seen it work time and again in all forms. I have to admit, again, to my penchant for the horror/thriller genre and say that genre is just about the only one I’ve seen a successful co-author project. (Think Stephen King and Peter Straub’s dual hits “The Talisman” and “Black House”) So I shouldn’t be too surprised when I see yet another successful co-authored novel.

This week’s pick is a piece by father and son team, Tom and Johnny Lichtenberg. Tom is one of our more prolific writers here at Free-eBooks.net and extremely talented at that. For this week, I suggest Prisoners of Perfection is the book to be reading.

Prisoners of Perfection

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