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Many of our members use Free Ebooks for textbooks and other study aids. We have thousands of books in our library, available for download. 

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Today, we’ll like to tell you about Sci-hub

Sci-Hub is a website built for downloading PDFs of journal articles and papers for free.

You want to read a scientific article or research paper, but it’s not available online, and your university or school doesn’t have a (very expensive) subscription to that particular journal.

What are you supposed to do? Just not read it? That seems a bit unfair. Yes, some papers are available for purchase online, but did you know that the actual author of the paper doesn’t get any of that money? Or the peer-reviewers? I don’t mean to diminish the work that journals do, but if I have to decide between letting people read papers, or some publisher making even more money, I will always root for the person who wants to further their knowledge and studies.

This is a service available from anywhere with an internet connection. You won’t find complete books or primers like we have on Free Ebooks, but we thought we’d share it as a useful tool in your research toolbox. 

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