e-Book Publishers Also Cater to Magazine Readers

eMagazineLet’s face it. Not everyone is a book reader, as sad as that may sound. Late last year, in fact, the Huffington Post published data showing that 28 percent of Americans had not read even one book within the past 12 months. Some studies from the publishing industry indicate that only 32 percent of the U.S. population has ever been in a bookstore.

Those who have never ventured into a bookstore may nevertheless be quite familiar with online shopping. So the good news is that a Pew Research Center study published in 2012 found that 20% of Americans read books electronically. The percentage is believed to be considerably higher today, too, because we know that since 2012 the appetite for e-books has grown dramatically.

People who are avid readers of novels and other books are huge fans of e-books. But what about those consumers who really prefer to read magazines? The New York Times ran an article a few years ago citing some really interesting data from a study conducted by Jupiter Research. That survey revealed that Internet users are more likely to cut back on reading books than they are to curtail their magazine consumption.

Free Magazines, 24/7
One conclusion that might be drawn from all of this information is that even people who are not bookworms still love their magazines. What may come as a surprise to most consumers, however, is that many e-book publishers provide magazine subscriptions. Best of all, a wide variety of these are available absolutely free of charge – which means you can subscribe to a slew of highly entertaining and informative magazines without it costing a dime.

A quick search of online periodicals includes everything from magazines about the fine arts to publications devoted to tattoos and photo spreads of newly inked models. You’ll find electronic versions of the Harvard Business Review and Entrepreneur Magazine. Read up on parenting, teaching, coaching, or dancing. Find out what’s hot in the fashion industry, the decorative industry, or Hollywood – or get the latest on trends in architecture, international finance, law, science, or aviation. Young people can subscribe to art magazines especially for teens. Learn the craft of being a professional comedian. Subscribe to magazines about how to improve the memory power of your brain, pack lighter for backpacking, or delve into the mysticism of Buddhist philosophy.

The Unique Nature of Trade Journals
There are also free trade journals. While these primarily target businesses and professionals in various industries or trade associations, they can provide anyone with insight into potential careers. Or just read the articles for fun. Discover in-depth knowledge of what it is like to be a pilot, a laboratory researcher, or an IT executive. Learn what bankers, offshore oil exploration engineers, hospital administrators, or people who specialize in environmental technology and “green” building are interested in every month. Want to peek into the newest gadgets and hot topics in the military aerospace industry? Subscribe to the same magazine that those who work that sector read to stay on top of emerging issues.

You can have free access to dozens of such magazines about automotive repairs, agriculture and farming, career development, human resources, construction and building contracting, healthcare, government, sales, marketing, travel, or running a restaurant or bar. You name it, and there are likely one or more magazines that give you authentic insider information.

Even if you are an author trying to flesh out realistic characters or plot lines based on an industry you are not familiar with, you may find these kinds of professional magazines invaluable. Instead of going to the trouble of interviewing experts, just subscribe to magazines such as Inside Counsel, which targets attorneys in big companies. Read up on atomic energy or read World Coal to find out about global mining operations. Instead of speculating on what goes on within the sometimes secretive biotech industry, just download the latest copy of NASA Tech Briefs, BioOptics Magazine, or PharmaVOICE. The possibilities are endless, and the diverse insight you can gain is priceless.

Easy and Portable Electronic Access
Browse the inventory and choose as many magazines as you want. Stock up on the free ones for the whole family without paying for costly hard copies of magazines. You can also cancel subscriptions with a few clicks of your computer mouse, or replace some of your current magazines with new and different ones.

Those who want to stick to more mainstream magazines can certainly do that, too. You can access Atlanta Monthly, Baseball Digest, Billboard, Black Belt, Boy’s Life, Ebony, New York Magazine, Popular Science, Organic Gardening, Runner’s World, The Economist, Women’s Health, U.S. News & World Report, Weekly World News, and dozens of other first-rate publications electronically.

Keep in mind that there is no need to weigh down your carry-on bags with reading material when you can access your favorite ‘zines on a mobile gadget. If you’re heading to the beach, a mountain retreat, or just want something fresh to read while at the doctor’s office or auto mechanic’s shop, just download it. There are probably even magazines that will also help you choose the latest and greatest consumer devices to use for accessing your personalized electronic library of books and periodicals.

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