DJ Vallone on Self Publishing ‘For the Love of Freedom; Untrained Hearts’

For the Love of Freedom; Untrained Hearts, by DJ Vallone…

The foundations of American freedom are shaken in this story about politics and journalism, set in Michigan. Chip Halick, a journalist on the political beat, discovers secrets about the popular governor that can potentially destroy his reputation, and put his “New Freedom” agenda at risk.

Faced with the possibility of having his past indiscretions detailed in the newspaper, the governor launches an attack in a manner completely contradictory to his public image and platform.

Having made a career out of championing the cause of freedom, he is suddenly snared in a trap of his own making. In the conflict that ensues, the governor exercises both legal and political means to suppress the truth about his past. Armed with the power of the press, Chip nonetheless recognizes that his freedom to publish salacious news comes with a cost-his professional reputation.

Set in the Michigan capital, with a backdrop of the lush and beautiful season of harvest, “For the Love of Freedom” is a dramatic struggle to untangle a web of politics, ambition, manipulation, religious mores, ethics, laws, constitutional intent, and rhetorical sway.

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