Celebrate National Reading Month with Kindle Discounts

March is famous for windy weather, St. Patrick’s Day, and the first day of spring. It’s named is derived from Martius, which was the first month of the earliest Roman calendar. That word Martius came from the word for the planet Mars, which was named after the Roman god of war…who was also the god of agriculture. But avid readers may also know that March was also the month when Dr. Seuss…the famous children’s book author and illustrator…celebrated his birthday. For many reader, Dr. Seuss books were the first books they read as children.

So it is fitting that March is now also celebrated as National Reading Month. It is also appropriate that this month, for a limited time only, Amazon is offering special discounted prices on some of its most popular e-books and e-readers.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader 17% Off

The Kindle Paperwhite is small enough to be super portable but has a very high-resolution display to make it extremely readable. That makes it one of the best-selling e-readers in the world. The electronic ink is vivid and easy on the eyes. The paper is highly reviewed for its beautiful and realistic appearance, which is often compared to high-quality parchment paper. There is a built-in light, and the Paperwhite is also Wi-Fi enabled, so you can have internet connectivity for downloading new titles. The no-glare screen is remarkable, and even in bright sunlight it provides an easy reading experience. Meanwhile the battery life on the Paperwhite is robust, allowing you to go weeks between charges with normal usage. You can order the device in black or white color, and while the list price is $119.99, for this special March sale Amazon has lowered the price to $99.99, with free shipping. That’s a big 17% discount. If you want to bundle the purchase you can buy a Paperwhite bundle including a leather cover and a power adapter, for $139.97…which saves you $40.

Touchscreen Kindle 25% Off

The standard Kindle E-reader has evolved into a device that is far from what you might consider “standard.” It also boasts a sleek, lightweight and thin design with a beautiful glare-free touchscreen display. The display is the same 6-inch size as the more expensive Paperwhite, and your e-books will look like they are displayed on real paper. Other features include Wi-Fi capability, long battery life, and built-in audible technology. That allows you to listen to audio books through headphones or a Bluetooth speaker system. During the National Reading Month sale you can purchase a Kindle for $59.99, which is 25 percent less than the normal price. That includes free shipping, and you can also purchase a bundle package that includes a Kindle cover and a power adapter, for $94.97…a savings of $35 off the list price if you buy those items separately. There is also a sale on the Kid’s Bundle. You get the Kindle with a cover plus a 2-year warranty for $79.99 instead of the usual $129.97.

Great Prices on Great Books

The e-books now offered at prices as much as 80 percent off normal retail prices include timeless classics, biographies, romance novels, mysteries, children’s books, cookbooks, and more. Check them out on Amazon and load up your sale-priced new Kindle e-reader gadget to save even more money. Of course if you want the best discount in the world on e-book of every imaginable genre, then shop here at Free-ebooks.net. You’ll find thousands of your favorite authors and books absolutely free of charge, and in multiple languages easily downloadable to any gadget at all. You can even purchase entire libraries of e-books, with more than 1,200 e-books at your disposal, with the E-Go Library USB sticks. Those work without any need for even an internet connection.

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