Best Shakespeare plays of all time

Shakespeare’s plays are full of beautiful metaphors. Shakespeare wrote about fidelity and betrayal, the fate of the powers, political intrigues, and treachery of loved ones. But the main place in his plays is occupied by love in its various manifestations.  First love, unselfish parental, passionate, and eternal feeling. It is a mammoth task to unequivocally name the ingenious Shakespeare’s best works. However, his creative ideas still inspire writers and screenwriters. Shakespeare’s plays have been translated into all major languages. Ten best Shakespeare plays are staged three times more often than the works of other playwrights.



This work is considered by many to be the best among the author, according to which performances in numerous theaters are still staged. This is an example of magnificent drama and an occasion to reflect on the philosophical issues of life and its meaning. This is a tragedy in which the characters are perfectly spelled out, and each plot move amazes the reader. Besides, the magnificent language of the work will be over the moon for you.



One of the author’s most famous plays. Another spoonful of inspiration from the classic, an invitation to continue the theme for writers and musicians. The play Macbeth is a tragedy. Moreover, with the triumph of justice in Macbeth finale, which is rarely in place.


Midsummer Night Dream 

Such different characters co-exist and co-operate in the play. The king of Athens and the queen of the Amazon, the youth in love, the king and queen of the elves, ordinary people representing the play about Pyramus and Ferb.

Dream and reality in Shakespeare’s comedy. Their borders are so thin, so unsteady. You wake up and you won’t buy it. The queen of the elves fell in love with a donkey, Lysander, and Demetrius, seeking the hands of Hermia, suddenly lose their heads from Elena. A Good Little Robin knows laughs and cunningly watches what is happening. Yes, the dream is short-lived, its charms will soon be dispelled, everything will fall into place, only the charm of sleep on a summer night will remain with you.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is a sweet summer comedy, all magical and airy, either reality, or a dream, whether it was, or a dream. As always with Shakespeare, lovers quarrel, make peace, everything ends well, everyone is happy, the audience is happy.


Much Ado About Nothing 

Count Leonato receives in his house the prince of Aragon, who arrived in the city after a victorious war. The prince presents to the landlord his loyal friends. Brave officers, one of whom, Claudio, falls in love with Leonato’s daughter, the beautiful Hero. However, the prince’s envious brother decides to upset the upcoming wedding of young lovers, accusing Hero of infidelity.

A wonderful comedy that tells how people can be blind. Two young men returning from the war, they are honored and glorified, young and brilliant. One of them decides to marry, but not everyone likes this seemingly joyful event. Reading is curious, pleasant, easy. Shakespeare did a great job.


King Lear

 Life arranged for a king Lear such severe trials in the face of betrayal, humiliation, great tragedies, and poverty. But how did all this help to cure his blindness, his blind faith in the inviolability of his power, both royal and paternal? It is probably hard to find a more tragic English play from Shakespeare plays about parental grief and disappointment.



The bloody denouement, the corpses have no number. Classic. But not because of jealousy. Since someone considers himself entitled to intervene in the course of events and intervenes. In this whole story, there is one main character, the remaining pawns. Why did he need this? Ambition, wounded pride, ambition, a desire to break out into people. At any cost.

The Tragedy of Othello is a popular patriarchal drama. Maybe Shakespeare thought that the topic of jealousy is more relevant and vivid than bending sticks in intrigue. Maybe intrigue was considered a matter of routine, but jealousy was not. Othello is a representative of the despicable people according to the estimates of that time. The sense of ownership of his young wife is hypertrophied.

The book will be instructive for ladies who believe that you can marry anyone for love without asking parental blessing or advice from common sense.


Twelfth Night 

The comedy takes place in a fabulous country – Illyria. The Duke of Illyria Orsino is in love with the young Countess Olivia, but she is in mourning after her brother’s death and does not even accept the duke’s envoys. Olivia’s indifference only incites the duke’s passion. Verily, the twelfth night’s one of the top Shakespeare plays 



Here you can find love, gratitude, the struggle for power, mysticism, service, and resistance. But the main topic is manipulation. The same strategy and actions that make everyone dance to the tune of the manipulator. The whole plot of betrayal and retaliation.

Romeo and Juliet

It’s a judgment call, but it may be the best Shakespeare play.  Romeo and Juliet are a young couple of lovers who can’t be together. Their families are divided by irreconcilable hostility. The story of the lovers was not completely invented by Shakespeare, previously a similar storyline was present in the books of Arthur Brook, Matteo Bandello, and other authors. In turn, the tragedy of Shakespeare gave rise to many subsequent variations in literature, on the stage, in music and cinema. This is one of the key works of world literature, dividing into “before” and “after” not only the world of dramaturgy but also the entire cultural discourse.


The Merchant of Venice

“The Merchant of Venice” is almost the only example of “black humor” in Shakespeare play, a rare case when this humor becomes at times almost bitter and at times caustic-sarcastic. The plot of this play, as the epilogue has helpfully explained to us, is based on two legends/stories. A strange choice of the future husband, invented by the father for his daughter-heir, and a terrible pledge. The merchant was forced to lay a piece of meat from his own body, borrowing money from a loan shark. Shakespeare created a masterpiece.

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