Publishing at Here are some best practices for you!

Are you thinking of publishing with us and wondering what we advise on how to get listed in our library? There are a number of things to keep in mind when publishing with

The first thing to consider are the editorial guidelines outlined in detail here at To briefly summarise:

  1. You must be the legal copyright owner of the work and all material contained in it and be prepared to offer up proof of same to us should we require it.
  2. If you have a non-fiction work that is less than 60 pages, and it has really good content and isn’t stuffed with affiliate links, you are a shoe-in. (Note: This rule may be waived for certain non-fiction works, such as religious essays, or medical treatises.)
  3. Absolutely no articles, presentations, reports, press releases, sales letters, or brochures.
  4. No pornography, obscene, or defamatory content.
  5. Must be grammatically sound.
  6. No overly promotional content; i.e. affiliate links, advertisements, etc. **
  7. No excerpts, previews, or incomplete works. **

** Regarding points 6 and 7, we do have specialised sections for excerpts and for marketing-related eBooks, but there is an additional fee associated with being listed in those sections.

Aside from those rules, there are some unwritten guidelines that we may not have been as clear about before.

Please do submit .DOC files. We love .DOC files because it means we can convert to PDF, Mobipocket, and ePub formats far more easily and cleanly. Using PDF files notoriously gives us badly formatted Mobipocket and ePub formats and we want to have the very best conversions for you.

Want to submit your own Mobipocket and ePub formats? That’s great too! You can upload them along with your initial submission:


Please do give us a cover image with your eBook. Don’t have one? We will gladly create one for you, but please keep in mind that we are going to do so of our own volition and the image we produce may not match your vision. And if you don’t like the cover we envisioned for you work, that’s ok too – we welcome your own re-submission via your Author area within your account:


If your work is written in Spanish, please be aware that we do now have a separate Spanish library and the submission process and guidelines for the Spanish site are different from those of the English site. Our editors are sometimes good enough to be able to shift Spanish works to the Spanish library, but we can’t guarantee that this will happen all the time.

Finally, our editors are always willing to lend guidance and assistance too, so please feel free to contact us via our help desk with your questions and requests. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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