Became a Published Author in 2018

Last month, to kick off the new year, lots of readers and writers made optimistic and ambitious goals. But there’s a 2018 resolution and achievement goal that you’ll love, which you may not have thought of yet. It might even make you rich and famous.

You Can Be a Published Author

Publish your own book, and then put it on an online platform where it will get in front of millions of readers. Not just readers in your region, either. You can connect with a network of readers that spans the globe in multiple languages. Publishing your book electronically is very easy and inexpensive, too. It can be as simple as just producing a PDF file. There are even classic books by people as famous as Jane Austen, Henry David Thoreau, and Charles Dickens that sometimes are so old that they are no longer copyrighted. Take your pick of any book that is in the public domain and republished it yourself. Then you have a book that may have once been a best seller, and you can market it and make money from it.

Be an Author Even if You Aren’t a Skilled Writer

Even if you aren’t a trained writer, you can just write about a field of expertise you have, a special hobby you’re good at, memoir, or whatever topic you like and know the best. Maybe you like to write poems, have led a life that would make an interesting biography, or you can write a cookbook. One woman who used to clean houses for a living wrote a book about how to save time by cleaning your house faster. It was a bit hit, so she followed it up with a book about how to start your own house cleaning business. Soon she retired from cleaning houses to focus on her lucrative writing career.

It’s Easier Than You Think

If you prefer to write a novel, a children’s book, a detective thriller, a sci-fi story, or some other genre, just start with a basic plot and story outline. Then it’s just a matter of sitting down and writing it. Many authors write 500 words a day, which is only two double-spaced pages. Do that for six months and you have a book of about 350 pages. But most popular books are half that size, so you could write three or four books a year. Or write 3,000 words a day, which is about 15 pages or one chapter. You’ll have a book-sized manuscript done in just one month.

Submit it to Us

When you are ready to market your book, just submit it to, which you can do by clicking here.  Authors who are featured on this site have the huge advantage of instantly getting their book in from of millions of readers. attracts about 10 or 11 million unique visitors to its website per year, and these are readers in multiple languages located all over the world. You can enjoy huge name recognition, international exposure, and the credibility and pride of being an author on one of the world’s most popular e-book platforms. Then you can start to expand your fan base, and get more specific about your target audience of readers. They can leave comments and reviews of your books, which can give you really valuable insight into who is reading what you write and what else they may want to read.

Promote Your E-Book for Free

Normally to promote your e-book it can cost many thousands of dollars, and you may have to leave home and go on an extended book tour. That can exhaust you and your finances. But you can present your e-books to tens of millions of readers at and have it marketed free of charge. That’s because is currently offering a special discount to authors. Instead of paying the normal (but still bargain-priced) fee of $19.97, if you sign up and submit your book now you can take advantage of this limited-time free offer.

Author Perks

As a published author you also have access to exclusive perks. You will receive a complimentary Lifetime VIP membership. That means you will be able to download, absolutely free, unlimited numbers of e-books…for the rest of your life. You will also be given a chance to be a “featured author” on the home page, as well as in the newsletter and other effective marketing materials. The whole process is quick, easy, exciting, and lots of fun. So if you want to make this the year that you can tell people you first became a globally-known published writer, now’s your chance.

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